Some Easter Updates

Well. Things have been going crazy as always.

I wasted most of yesterday because dad kicked mom and I out of the house so he could do some pressure washing, the end result of which is I spent the first day of Easter break slumming about town for 7 hours, with little to nothing to do 'til the end. Mom and I are still ticked off about it. Today's easter break has seen dad send me a chapter of a book he's supposed to be editing to me for further editing, because I have to edit all of days papers for readability and, god, however thought it was a good idea to let dad edit anything?

School's been going okay. I'm glad for the break though. I only just got my second physics test - taken before Spring Break - back, and did really well on it, which is a relief. I'm mildly worried about Calc 2, but there's nothing to be done at this point. '

Work is crazy. Thursday we rolled out our Sustainable Living Guide, which I've been working on for a month, and there was much frantic last minute texting and emailing (while I was in class moreover). But luckily I was able to solve their problem during my CS lab and get my recursion homework 100% completed, with time to spare. I'm supposed to be doing some stuff for the Energy Center's website, but they've given me like nothing to work with, so it's all ridiculous and I'm regretting agreeing to help them out.

AJ is coming along well, even if I've written a whole bunch of it on my phone lately. I'm almost finished, which is good, 'cause I want to write the next SU so I can watch the next SG1, and there's just too much to do.

And did I mention my brother slept for 18 hours yesterday? This illicitted no comment from dad, who glares when I slept in past 8. Because that makes me lazy. My brother, however, is doing what he's supposed to be doing, whatever the fuck that means, and it all gets forgiven. Le sigh.