Danelia Ival Helia Navarcha


Danelia Ival Helia Navarcha
Born: 8280 BCE on Atlantis
Death: (assumed) 8206 BCE
            (actual) 10 December, 2006 CE

Occupation: Navarcha of Tria

Relationship to Iohannes:
First Cousin Once Removed

Other Relationships:
Elernus Ival Asuras Rector (father)
Olethea Nydia Magister (mother)
Diana de Aynecuria Immunes (wife)

Helia inherited the worst from her parents. Where her father Asuras was blindly ambitious and egotistical to the point of narcissism, she became obstinate and self-righteous. Where her mother Olethea was cold and bitter, Helia became calculating and resentful. She sought revenge for imagined crimes and, in doing so, caused them to be committed against her.

Perhaps her parents are entirely to blame. In a manner largely unfamiliar to most Alteran families of the era, Helia was the center of her parents' world from the moment of the birth, to the extent that at barely six months old her maternal aunt Iulia Nydia disgustedly nicknamed her Helia, implying that she was the star which her parents circled about. She ceased being the center of their attentions at the same time her precociousness was replaced by adolescence and she spent the rest of her life trying to reclaim their affections.

Her plans, however, were dashed when her parents were killed by the Asurans in 8250 BCE, when Helia was barely thirty. Already serving as the heres of the Tethys, she used her rank to push the continuation of her parent's project to the Council. She was, however, eventually overruled by her young cousin Ianus, who had been named rector in the wake of her father's death despite only being twenty-one at the time. She never forgave him for this imagined crime.

She tried various plots over the years to regain enthusiasm for Project Asuras, up to and including attempting to influence Ianus' young son, Iohannes, to her way of thinking. None ever succeeded, and eventually she made a deeper play: she would take Tria and her crew and wait out the war. Believing that her people would easily fall without her presence and believing the Wraith would destroy themselves if given enough time, she played to wait through the years with a combination of time dilation and stasis chambers, only to return in ten thousand years and retake Atlantis for herself.

In this too she failed, and eventually she died from misplaced pride, held captive by her cousin Iohannes, the last living member of her species.