Athanasia Aquilidea


Athanasia Aquilidea
Born: 8319 BCE on Nebrius
Ascended: 8204 BCE

Occupation: none

Relationship to Iohannes: Paternal Great-Aunt

Other Relationships:
Aquilus Aonus Nautus (father)
Penelope Pia (mother)
Beatrix Aquilidea Nebriae Tribuna (half-sister)

If the phrase ​religious fanatic could ever be said to apply to any member of the highly irreligious and historically atheistic race the Ancients had become by the last days of their civilization, it would be for Athanasia. Seeking Ascension with a single-minded dedication that unnerved even the Ascension-driven Ancients of her time. She would go days without eating, weeks without sleeping, and hours on end meditating in attempt to achieve enlightenment. From the age of four, she spent an average of eight hours a day in meditation. By the time she was eight, this number had increased to an average of twenty hours a day, and refused education in any discipline that did not directly relate to her enlightenment, claiming she would gain the knowledge later.

The cause of her fanaticism is debatable. While her mother was slightly more dedicated to Ascension than most, it was a quiet, personal dedication that illicit little attention, and her father spent many of her earliest years on a mission to map the Pegasus galaxy. It is possible that some religious bent native to her genetic code took the only route available to express its desires, feeding her desire for Ascension, but most would agree that there was no direct cause. Athanasia was a product of her age. She just took the feelings of her age to a new level.

Unusually, Athanasia's story does not end at Ascension. Following this, she became an influential member of the group of Ascended beings who had most say in the doings of their kind - a Council of sorts not unlike the ones that had ruled the urbes-naves for so long. It is only by chance she happened to escape the destruction of the Ori and so many Ascended others, having been checking on the parole of her great-nephew Iohannes at the time the Sangraal was deployed. Following this, she remained the most influential Ascended in the Higher Planes.
The richness and variety of characters is amazing, you have an incredible brain in that head of yours :)
thanks bb! I've a really wide case of characters, even if so many of them never appear on screen. Though Athanasia does have a little curtain time in "Ascensiones" and the story I'm working on now.