Beatrix Aquilidea Nebriae Tribuna


Beatrix Aquilidea Nebriae Tribuna
Born: 8314 BCE on Nebrius
Ascended: 8248 BCE on Atlantis

Occupation: Tribuna in the Lantean Guard
                    Heres of Alcaeus
                    Poet, Author, Musician

Relationship to Iohannes: Paternal Grandmother

Other Relationships:
Aquilus Aonus Nautus (father)
Anthea Philoia Tribuna (mother)
Athanasia Aquilidea (half-sister)
Ishachus Ival Magister (husband)
Ianus Ishachidus Ianitos Rector (son)

Nebrius Fell in March of 8273, when Beatrix was already heres of the Alcaeus-class linter Alcaeus. Lacking a urbs-navis to return to, Alcaeus sought refuge on Atlantis. Only then did the Lanteans, hearing the news she brought of the destruction of a second city after thirty-two years of war, chose to lower their city beneath the waters, hoping to spare themselves the same fate.

Beatrix was the last person one might expect to be the heres of a linter in wartime. She had a compassionate nature and a poet's soul, preferring the calamaula to the gun and the esraja to the sword. She was, to borrow a phrase, "scholarly to the point of erudition," being one of the few Alterans who chose to study classical literature rather than science of some variety or other, and was better suited to writing a classic of her own than being executive officer of a warship.

Despite being something of a daydreamer, Beatrix was fierce, if not fearless. A protective instinct drove her to war mixed with the somewhat ambiguous desire to have a story worth telling when the time came. She would not sit at home and compose poetry while others fought the Wraith; she would go into battle and compose poetry in the intervals between. To this end, she is known to have composed three books of poetry (Portraits of War [8281 BCE], Fire at Sea [8270 BCE], and The Martyr [8162 BCE]), several pieces of music, and the last printed novel in Alteran history (Hermione [8248 BCE]), completed shortly before her Ascension.
I just love going through these, especially since you have so nicely made links for the relations. It's like reading Silmarillion before having opened LoTR, and it's absolutely fascinating ^_^ Great choices of pictures too!
:D Thanks. I mention enough names and all of that that I thought I might as well make it interesting for people to read.