Olethea Nydia Magistra


Olethea Nydia Magistra
Born: 8311 BCE on Atlantis
Death: 8250 BCE on Asuras

Occupation: Researcher on Project Asuras
                    Computer Scientist, Engineer

Relationship to Iohannes: Paternal Great-Aunt

Other Relationships:
Neoptolemus Nydius (father)
Lucretia Nicon (mother)
Iulia Nydia (sister)
Elernus Ival Asuras Rector (husband)
Danelia Ival Helia Navarcha (daughter)

While is tempting for outsiders to refer to many of the great women born in the last days of the Alteran civilization as Ice Queen or, more colloquially, Grade A Bitches, such titles can only truly refer to Olethea, who was both of these things, if not worse.

One of the most astute scientific minds of her day, Olethea quickly bittered after being passed over for many important postings, - not because she was a woman, as many Terrans would initially believe, but because she was from the relatively obscure Nydia family. Unlike her husband, who was almost guaranteed to become rector following the death of his aunt because he was a member of the Ival family of physicists, engineers, and mathematicians, no one in her family had held a position of any significance for over two hundred years. The end result was that, as her husband grew in importance from her work and she remained a magister, she grew cold and even cruel. The world had turned its back on her, and so she turned her back to the world.

For her part, she encouraged her husband's more reaching plans. Where Asuras saw the Replicators as a means to crown his glory, Olethea saw it as a way to usurp it. Alas, before the Asurans rose up and killed the thirty-eight in residence on the planet, a crime for which Asuras was later decimated. Olethea, her husband, and her brother-in-law Ishachus were among the dead.