Elernus Ival Asuras Rector


Elernus Ival Asuras Rector
Born: 8318 BCE on Atlantis
Death: 8250 BCE on Asuras

Occupation: Rector of Atlantis,
                    Researcher on Project Asuras

Relationship to Iohannes: Paternal Great-Uncle

Other Relationships:
Davidus Ival Magister (father)
Achillea Opel Legata (mother)
Ishachus Ival Magister (brother)
Olethea Nydia Magister (wife)
Danelia Ival Helia Navarcha (daughter)

When Asuras became Rector, he was the thirty-second member of the Ival family to do so in twenty-eight generations. The post had, like so many others in the last days of the Alteran civilization, become almost hereditary, so that when the previous rector, his paternal aunt Tryphena Ival Rector, Ascended, he received the post almost by default.

This is not to say that Asuras was not a brilliant scientist - he was. But there were others who were more brilliant than he who should have gotten the posting, his brother Ishachus and wife Olethea among them. And like so many who are born on third-base, he went through life believing he'd hit a triple.

A man of brilliant vision, he lacked the abilities to see his plans through. Much of the work accredited to him is the work of Olethea, who was one of his premier students before becoming his wife, or else of his brother Ishachus. Project Asuras, to which he lent his cognomen, was to be his crowning glory, a means of defeating the Wraith that relied not upon military might - something which has been considerably weakened after the fall of the Victorani junta - or the other ​urbes-naves - the remainder of whom had little use for a city that had been reduced to little more than a research outpost following humanity's assumption of anatomical modernity. While it would not have been possible to get as far as the project did without the help of his wife and brother, their combined abilities could not take into account the complex nature of artificial intellgences. The Assurans rose up and killed thirty-eight researchers, including Asuras, his wife, and brother. Only his daughter, Helia, and nephew survived to carry on the Ival line.