Antonius Alder Navarchus


Antonius Alder Navarchus
Born: 8318 BCE on Atlantis
Death (presumed): 8230 BCE aboard Aurora      
           (actual): January 2007 CE

Occupation: Navarchus of the Aurora

Relationship to Iohannes:
Maternal Great-Uncle

Other Relationships:
Iohannes Alder Legatus (father)
Ilaria Noval Pastor (mother)
Festus Alder Tribunus (brother)

The fact that Antonius was a scion of the family that had produced the greatest military minds on Atlantis for half a millennium was almost only incidental. From his first days in the Lantean Guard, he showed shrewd skills for battle tactics and strategy. Twenty-five years old and a vicarius when Tarquinius Fell, Antonius had a hand in every major battle that followed. At thirty-one, he was given command of the first Pallantis-class linter to roll off the line, Aurora, having already served as heres aboard the Tethys for three years. The Battles of Sagremor, and Caracalla, and Acadia were his particular brain children, and it was often said that, had Aurora not been lost, the Wraith War could have been won.

But that is wishful thinking. Antonius was a military genius, combining his paternal grandfather Gurgintius's long-term planing and his paternal grandmother Meriana's on-the-spot thinking into one entity, but he was only one person. Moreover, the Victorani junta had dampened the newly reinstated Council's enthusiasm for military leaders and their understandably solutions to military problems. Fearing that another Alder praetor would rise up and seize control once again, they did their best to keep Antonius far away from Atlantis. Aurora was constantly sent on deep space missions that would keep her from port for months at a time, the ones from which no one was likely to return. To this end, the Council was not surprised when Aurora was lost near Elorus in 8230 BCE, nor did they spend much effort looking for the linter.

As for Antonius himself, he would have chosen to stay on Aurora anyway. Praetorship never interested him, and, indeed, he hated being in port for long. In another age, he would have been an explorer, taking his linter to the farthest reaches of known space, but the advent of the Wraith changed that. Indeed, some part of him would always hope for a quick end of the war so he could turn to more important things, like exploration of the galaxy his people were still so new to.