Ishachus Ival Magister

Bruce Greenwood John From Cincinnati

Ishachus Ival Magister
Born: 8310 BCE on Atlantis
Death: 8250 BCE on Asuras

Occupation: Researcher on Project Asuras
                    Physicist / Engineer

Relationship to Iohannes: Paternal Grandfather

Other Relationships:
Davidus Ival Magister (father)
Achillea Opel Legata (mother)
Beatrix Aquilidea Nebriae Tribuna (wife)
Elernus Ival Asuras Rector (brother)
Ianus Ishachidus Ianitos Rector (son)

By the time Ishachus was born, the rectorship of Atlantis had been firmly in the hands of the Ival family for twenty-seven generations. Such was the state of the city following the great cataclysms of the Plague, Gurgintius' military dictatorship during the diaspora, and the Wraith War that the position of rector had all but become hereditary.

In Ishachus' case, this was no shame. His scientific and technological genius paled only to that of his son, Ianus. A shrewd, intelligent man, never ceased to be kind and caring, and was willing to teach any student who presented himself or herself to him. He had only two failings: first, that he humored his son to the point of indulgence, and, second, that he had been born the younger son, so that when his maternal aunt Tryphena Ival Rector finally Ascended, her posting passed not to Ishachus but his brother, Asuras.

Asuras was not the man Ishachus was, willing to take risks that Ishachus never would have made on his own. And while it is true that Ishachus was a moderating influence upon his brother, no amount of moderation could curtail his brother's growing excesses following his ascent to rector. In 8258 BCE, Ishachus followed his brother and his sister-in-law, Olethea Nydia, to the planet Asuras, where they created the thinking machines Terrans would call Pegasus-form Replicators and the Alterans would give his brother's name, Asurans. In 8250 BCE, the Asurans rose up agains their creators and slew them, prompting the first decimation of that world.

Ischachus was one of the thirty-eight killed that day. His son, Ianus, was nineteen.
Oh fabulous choice an excellent Canadian actor, and comes from the same home town as my best friend in northern Quebec (Rouyn Noranda)
:D Thanks. I've been in love with Bruce here a little bit ever since I saw him in ST:IX. I was too tired to do the bio last night, but maybe today I'll fix that.
I can remember seeing him in Double Jeopardy way back
He was fantastic as JFK in Thirteen Days
I was so glad he was cast as Pike in ST XI &ST XII

I do remember on my last flight into Canada the plane was showing Firehouse Dog with him cast as the Fire Chief and I found it amusing that I was going to his hometown for a week.
That is kind of hilarious. Then again, I thrive on irony.

I really enjoyed him as Pike though. I vaguely recall seeing him in I, Robot, but I blocked out most of that movie. I've never seen the others though. I really should, but time is limited until the semester ends.