Alianora Alder Immunes


Alianora Alder Immunes
aka Ayiana
Born: 8376 BCE on Atlantis
Frozen: 8241 BCE in Antartica
Died: 2002 CE at White Rock Research Station, Earth

Occupation: Military Doctor

Relationship to Iohannes: Maternal Great-Grand-Aunt

Other Relationships:
Gurgintius Alder Victoranus Praetor (father)
Meriana Aureliana Navarcha (mother)
Antonius Alder Gubernator (brother)
Leucothea Alder Vicaria (sister)
Iohannes Alder Legatus (brother)

Alianora was the eldest of Iohannes Alder's three siblings and the most caring. Whereas their parents were often concerned with other maters, Alianora saw to it that her brothers and sister were properly cared for. She was more of a parent to them then either Gurgintius or Meriana, and, as the Plague grew more severe, she played the part for many of Atlantis' orphans.

But Alianora was a doctor as well, and spent much of her time trying to cure the Plague and ease the suffering of those who had succumbed. It was inevitable that she would eventually fall prey to the sickness as well. When her father took control of the city, she volunteered to stay behind with those regarded as too much of a risk to take on to Pegasus - the openly sick and dying, and those it was believed who would eventually succumb, claiming that she would make sure they would not interfere with Atlantis' departure.

Her father agreed. Rather than restrain her patients, however, she dutifully cared for them, nursing them as she could and burning the bodies of those she had failed in the traditional manner. Eventually only she remained.

Rather than prolong her suffering, she placed herself in the deepest crevasse she could find, intending to die of exposure, out of reach of any scavengers or Descendants who might find her body and contract the Plague she carried. Instead, the ice placed her in a form of stasis from which she was eventually revived by SG-1 ten thousand years later.

She gave her live healing those she had inadvertently affected with her sickness, never knowing they were scions of her race, never knowing what had become of the city she had given her life to protect,