Máel Muire


Máel Muire
Born: 8208 BCE in Linne Mhoireibh, Earth
Died: 8163 BCE

Relationship to Iohannes: stepmother

Other Relationships:
Causantín An Ferbasach (father)
Ianus Ishachidus Ianitos Rector (husband)
Davidus Constantin (son)

There have been few women like Máel Muire. The only daughter and youngest child of a conquering king, she was heavily indulged and allowed to train in archery and swordplay to an extent not common among women of her time - crafts she would later teach to her own son. Extant sources call her a warrior queen, a forerunner of Boudicca, and to some extent that is true. Mostly, she lacked the desire for conquest that defined her father Causantín, her many brothers, or, later, granddaughter Catriona Máel. She desired safety for her kingdom, at whatever the cost, and would prove a stronger influence on her son Davidus than his father.

Of her courtship with Ianus, even less is known. It is known that in 8192 BCE, when she was sixteen, Ianus arrived near what is now Inverness from what would become Rome. They married the next year, had a son the year after, and lived together until the end of her days. Their relationship, it was said, could be tempestuous, but was always loving.

All Terrans yet alive spring from her bloodline.