Davidus Constantin


Davidus Constantin
aka Daibhidh Causantín
Born: 8190 BCE in Linne Mhoireibh, Earth
Died: 8123 BCE

Occupation: King of the Picts

Relationship to Iohannes: half-brother

Other Relationships:
Ianus Ishachidus Ianitos Rector (father)
Máel Muire (mother)
Causantín Iain (son)
Iseabal Liusaidh (daughter)
Catriona Máel (daughter)
Iagen Daibhidh (son).

The world itself was too small to contain Davidus Constanin. Born half-Alteran among primitive peoples, his natural abilities on their own would have been enough to set him apart. But beyond beyond that, Davidus was a natural-born leader, a peacemaker in an era of warlords, capable with a sword and magnificent with a bow, but preferring diplomacy to war. He would become a great leader among his mother's people, the Fortriu, and ushered in an era of peace that would last for a hundred years after his death.

All Terrans currently alive can trace their ancestry back to Davidus through one or all of his four children. His son, Causantín Iain, would follow in his footsteps, giving rise to the Connachta (among whom the O'Neill Dynasty can be counted). His daughter, Iseabal Liusaidh, was known as a wise and loving queen as well as a noted healer, and is the enatic ancestor of Carson Beckett (amongst others). Catriona Máel, his younger daughter, made as far south as Aquitaine, where she became a queen of the Pictones through conquest and a series of political marriages that were often noted to be more dangerous for her husbands than the conquest would have been. His youngest son, Iagen Daibhidh, was known to be an explorer, traveling widely through Northern and Western Europe. He is known to have fathered no less than twelve children on his travels, and was eventually drowned when his ship sank during a storm off what is now the Portuguese coast in 8125 BCE.
Thank you so much. I'm defiantly taking your suggestions into account as I go through this (and, if you're interested, I've added bios to a couple).
There are a few others l would suggest but its remembering them. Although if you dont like any l suggest thats ok lm just glad l can help.
No, it's very helpful! I'm terrible with actors and names and all that sort of thing, and the ones that work I'll definitely steal. :D
To be honest, neither am all. I honestly saw the picture I use for Illaria on tumblr and was like "THAT'S ILLARIA" and only later realized who she was.
I got to admit some of the actors younger than 30s l dont think have the wow factor or that interesting
(nod) very true. In Ilaria's case, however, I wanted a younger actress, because she was so young when she piloted Atlantis across the void.