Ianus Ishachidus Ianitos Rector


Ianus Ishachidus Ianitos Rector
aka Janus
akak Iagen y Dyfeisiwr
Born: 8271 BCE on Atlantis
Died: 8157 BCE in Linne Mhoireibh, Earth

Occupation: Rector of Atlantis

Relationship to Iohannes: Father

Other Relationships:
Ishachus Ival Magister (father)
Beatrix Aquilidea Nebriae Tribuna (mother)
Alianora Cado Trebal Legata (partner)
Andeo Mael Forcul Magister (partner)
Máel Muire (wife)
Davidus Constantin (son)

Ianus represents the pinnacle of Alteran science and technology. Although others, such as Amelius Veritas and Atlas Iapetos, may have been responsible for broader changes in Alteran society, Ianus was an innovator without equal. Nearly every scientific advancement from the time he entered the Academia to the First Exodus can be traced in one way or another back to Ianus - very quickly earning him the cognomen Ianitos, meaning gatekeeper in one of the ancient tongues of Loegria.

Passion was his modus operandi. He threw himself into everything he did with an absoluteness that was at once both terrific and terrifying. When in the middle of some project or some new discovery, he would often neglect to eat, or sleep, or (so it was said) even breathe if it got in the way of his work. Only the careful attentions of his on-again, off-again amator, Forcul, and, later, of his son would keep him from starving to death mid-discovery or going mad from sleep deprivation.

Over the course of his life on Atlantis, he was known to have an acknowledged two hundred and thirty-three lovers, ranging from single encounters to passionate week-long affairs to quiet understandings stretching over years. Remarkably, the only child from any of these unions was Iohannes, from his brief affair with Trebal during a five-day overhaul of Aurora's systems on her way to the Eloran system. This was widely regarded as a good thing, although by none so much as Iohannes himself. Ianus was content to allow Trebal's sister, Catalina, to raise the child, and even after her Ascension had little to do with the child until he proved to have prodigious mathematical abilities.

Ianus was among the handful of Alterans to return to Terra during the First Exodus. While he settled for a time near what would become the city of Rome, as did many of a the survivors, he eventually made his way north to what is known today as the Moray Firth, near Inverness in Scotland. There he met a young - scandalously young, being twenty years younger than his own son - Fortriu woman by the name of Máel Muire, whom he married in 8196 BCE. By all accounts, he was faithful to her until her death in 8168 BCE, and never remarried. Ianus and Máel had one child together, Davidus Constantin, who would go on to be the ancestor of all modern Terrans.