Catalina Cado Historica


Catalina Cado Historica
Born: 8268 BCE on Atlantis
Ascended: 8226 BCE

Occupation: Anthropologist

Relationship to Iohannes:
Maternal Aunt

Other Relationships:
Festus Alder Tribunus (father)
Constantina Cado Historica (mother)
Alianora Cado Trebal Legata (sister)

Like her sister, Trebal, Catalina could come off as cold, hard, and uncaring - at least, so it would seem to Iohannes. In truth, she could be a passionate woman - when the subject matter interested her, and the care of an active, curious, young boy was not among her interests. She was a woman mired hopelessly in the past, the final scion of a long line of Cado historians and anthropologists, who dreamed of the glory of lost Loegria the way people today glorify the Middle Ages, with its knights and troubadours. Little of what happened after the urges-naves left the home galaxy was of use to her.

But, for the seven years before her Ascension, she cared for her sister's son, and raised him as best as she could. If she was distant, it was because she did not know how to be close. If she was cold, it was because she did not know how to be warm. If she was harsh, it was because she had never known love. She had, for a time, been one of Ianus' many lovers, but his subsequent interest in her younger - and many said more beautiful - sister quickly soured that flame.

If she had a goal, it was to pass the historical legacy of Atlantis on to her nephew, as it had been past to her mother and her grandfather and her great-grandfather before her, for thirty-seven generations of Cado's. But her nephew had his mother's disposition and took after the Alder side of the family - who had been soldiers for generations beyond reckoning - and once this became clear, she pursued her interests to their natural end: her Ascension.
Thanks! I've strong ideas/feelings about John's aunt, who basically did all the raising of him that ever happened. I really want to do a story on it, if I can fit it into the series somehow.
This was truly fascinating! Just reading this I get a glimpse of the vastness of the world you have created, amazing.
Thanks! I'm doing my best to make this user-friendly and have all the bios up before I formally publish it, but I'm glad you like what I have so far.
I really do! I love that you have chosen pictures for everyone, that alone will makes the characters come more alive. I hope you have a nice family/relations tree in the making too, I'd love to check it out ^_^