After a trying day with my father (which I shall get to in a moment), my mother handed me a brown bag upon her return from the grocery store. For a moment, I thought she had actually brought me alcohol. But no. Inside were two easter bunnies.

I feel this says something about the dynamics of my family.

So does the fact that, despite being terribly ill yesterday, dad made me take him to the clinic today (when I was trying to do homework, when yesterday mom was available to take him all day) and then to get his meds and then to get him food. I ended up wasting the entire morning doing stuff for him, and it's just ridiculous, and the only reason I'm not more irritated is that all I really have to do this weekend is write a physics lab report on magnets. Which is actually impossible to do because it's like "We played with magnets. The end," which is not a real lab paper.

Anywho, things have been doing okay. My java test Thursday seemed to go well, and I'm past the hump for the Earth Day stuff at work, so it's been going well. Everyone loves my work, and the new job shouldn't be that much extra work, and I'm reading a hilarious book called Bonk! on the history of science and sex, which has made for some exciting conversations at school. Although wearing my Star Trek red shirt yesterday got me fewer comments than I hoped. I must step up my geek game.

I have written like 3 pages of AJ on my phone over the last two days, just because that's what I had on me. Life is weird. The SU for "The Torment of Tantalus" is harder going, but I feel I need to write it, so we shall see.
I'm sorry your day was hijacked by your dad :( At least it's over now?