Constantina Cado Historica

female relation

Constantina Cado Historica
Born: 8304 BCE on Atlantis
Ascended: 8235 BCE

Occupation: Historian

Relationship to Iohannes:
Maternal Grandmother

Other Relationships:
Constantius Cado Historicus (father)
Aemilia Nicon Historica (mother)
Festus Alder Tribunus (husband)
Catalina Cado Historica (daughter)
Alianora Cado Trebal Legata (daughter)

Diligent, quiet, and bookish, Constantina was more librarian than historian, unlike most of her line. She had a passion for order, which translated itself into renovations of indexing system, particularly where literary works from The Age of Colonization were concerned.

The realities of the Wraith War distressed her. As the years passed and the war grew worse, she retreated further and further into her books, in an manner that might have been considered pathological if not for the fact that many others of her generation did just the same. She emerged from her near outright denial of reality to bear two daughters, the existence of whom would prove as abstract to her as the war itself. Her father Constantius preformed the bulk of the raising of her elder daughter, Catalina, while her husband's parents largely cared for her younger daughter, Trebal.

The only thing remotely surprising about Constantina is that she managed to Ascend - a notion which many had considered unlikely, given the frank state of self-awareness this requires. It is possible she received help Ascending from her husband, who did so a the same time, but no one has ever been able to determine the truth with any certainty. It will, perhaps, always remain a mystery.