Festus Alder Tribunus


Festus Alder Tribunus
Born: 8308 BCE on Atlantis
Ascended: 8235 BCE

Occupation: Tribunus in the Lantean Guard

Relationship to Iohannes:
Maternal Grandfather

Other Relationships:
Iohannes Alder Legatus (father)
Ilaria Noval Pastor (mother)
Antonius Alder Navarchus (brother)
Constantina Cado Historica (wife)
Catalina Cado Historica (daughter)
Alianora Cado Trebal Legata (daughter)

If his father was burdened by blood, Festus was a man drowning in it. With the great weight of the Alder family on his father's side - particularly the actions of his paternal grandfather, Gurgintius, and his parents' roles in returning Atlantis to kritarchy - and the blood of two renowned pastores on his mother's, history had claimed Festus at the moment of his birth.

Festus, however, never wanted to be great. Where his parents spent most of their lives in the limelight, Festus did his utmost to get lost in the shadows. He joined the Guard only because it was expected of him, but took the most minor of postings throughout his career. It is doubtful he would have ever even made tribunus if the Wraith War had not thinned the Guard's ranks so. He is doomed to be remembered as the son, brother, and father of greats, never having achieved anything worthy of note of his own accord. And this is precisely as Festus would have liked it.
That it is. I was literally reduced to googling "dark haired actors" and searching for ages to find the right people - at least for the guys. I had a lot of the women already chosen. (face palm)

Large gaps in John's family tree need to be filled. At least, by pictures I need to get his dad's side of the family up, and complete his mom's. Most of them are doing to be dark haired. You are more than welcome to help.
Richard Armitage (Fantastic as Guy of Gisbourne in BBCs Robin Hood even better in the Hobbit)

Jamie Bamber (l do like him - Lee Adama from BSG)

Jonas Armstrong (Was BBCs Robin Hood and appeared in Rage of the Yeti with David Hewlett)

Ben Barnes (l liked him after Captain Shakespeare played with his hair in Stardust)

Kevin McKidd (although sometimes hes blond. He is Scottish l love his accent)

Ben Miller (he plays a great arsehole in his characters but lovely and sweet in real life. I even have a picture if him from Em-com)
Since all of them are dead, it doesn't really matter. I can say "so and so, age 30" or something and have it work out.
(nod) I'm trying to do my best to find people I can honestly picture as the various relations, but sometimes it's difficult. I see an actor by the role I most know them by, rather than the part I'd like them to play.
Im thinking of dark haired actors in general most so far are Brits or Irish

Johnny Lee Miller
Ray Stevenson (Was in Thor and King Arthur and Rome with Kevin Mckidd)
Aiden Turner (l think he is Kili? In yhe Hobbit was also in Being Human UK and played a fabulous Dante Gabriel Rosetti in Desperate Romantics)
And the very very hot Stuart Townsend (lm currently watching him in XIII but loved him in Queen of the Damned)

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