Iohannes Alder Legatus


Iohannes Alder Legatus
Born: 8354 BCE on Atlantis
Ascended: 8258 BCE on Atlantis

Occupation: Legatus in the Lantean Guard

Relationship to Iohannes:
Maternal Great-Grandfather

Other Relationships:
Gurgintius Alder Victoranus Praetor (father)
Alcyone Aureliana Navarcha (mother)
Alianora Alder Immunes (sister)
Antonius Alder Gubernator (brother)
Leucothea Alder Vicaria (sister)
Ilaria Noval Pastor (wife)
Antonius Alder Navarchus (son)
Festus Alder Tribunus (son)

Iohannes Alder was a man burdened by blood. For no less than five hundred years, his family had been the backbone of the Lantean Guard. During this time, the Alder family produced twenty-seven praetores, fifty-three navarchi, and an additional forty-six legati. At the time of his birth, eleven years before Atlantis left Terra, his father was praetor and had presided over the greatest military victory of the era, earning him the rarely-given cognomen Victoranus, meaning son of victory. His mother was captain of the great warship, Tethys, which her great-great-grandson would later pilot. His older sisters and brother were already rising stars in the Guard.

Disaster struck with the Plague, eventually claiming his mother and all three of his siblings. It was his father, momentarily seizing control of the city in the aftermath of the death of all members of the Council, who made the decision to leave Avalon for Pegasus, ordering the pastores to take flight before the other urbes-naves had been consulted and ordering his only surviving child, Iohannes, to make sure they did as they were told.

Having no other choice, Iohannes did. Eventually, however, he fell in love with the last remaining pastor, Ilaria Noval. Together, they quietly oversaw the removal of his father, Gurgintius, from power and restored kritarchy to Atlantis. They would later marry and have two sons, the elder of whom he would name for his long lost brother, Antonius.