Ilaria Noval Pastor


Ilaria Noval Pastor
Born: 8358 BCE on Atlantis
Ascended: 8258 BCE on Atlantis

Occupation: Legata in the Lantean Guard

Relationship to Iohannes:
Maternal Great-Grandmother

Other Relationships:
Iphigenia Noval Pastor (mother)
Iohannes Alder Legatus (husband)
Antonius Alder Navarchus (son)
Festus Alder Tribunus (son)

Father unknown,
rumoured to be Pompeius Lal Prefectus.
Flew Atlantis from Terra to Lantea
during Minor

Ilaria is a woman of legend. Born fifteen years before Atlantis left Terra, she was one of only three pastores in the city at the time of the Minor Diaspora. Within the first six months of the diaspora, both other pastores - Iphigenia Noval Pastor, her mother, and Heliodorus de Curia Pastor, who had been frail for many years already - had died of the Plague, leaving young Ilaria to pilot the city across the void between galaxies by herself.

Through determination alone, Ilaria managed the five year journey, but she was forever changed. Iohannes Alder, who had been assigned by the Council to aide the young pastor in whatever way he could during the journey and who would marry her in 8335 BCE, is recorded as saying that, as Ilaria brought the urbs-navis into orbit and lowered it onto the planet's surface, he watched her hair change from rich chestnut to snowy white in the course of minutes. It remained white for the rest of her life.

Although formally trained as a medic, she never returned to medicine after the diaspora, choosing instead to devote her energies to the many tasks involved with the entry of an advanced civilization to a new galaxy - the creation of trade routes, intermediation with the least primitive local cultures, the designation of planets and stars for industry and research. She was asked to join the Council of Atlantis several times before her Ascension but never agreed, believing it was not her place. Nevertheless, she remained a respected source of counsel for the members of the Council, especially for the woman many believed to be her half-sister, Iacquetta Lal Prefecta, who had risen to her father's highest position several years after his death from the Plague.