I'm mildly concerned I have some sort of disorder. Mostly because I am busy busy busy this week, in the complete Bokononist sense, and the end of the semester is approaching fast - but I've added a second job to my list of things to do. Again.

It's not really a second job. It's sort of a continuation of my current job as webmaster for The Office of Sustainability, only for the Energy Center on campus, and only for 8 hours a week. But they want to completely revamp their site - which is a lot of work, even if Web Services will end up doing a lot of the heavy lifting. And IDK why I do this to myself. Because, really, do I have 8 hours? But they asked and I can't say no to these things and it's money, so...

I'm genuinely worried for my mental wellbeing. Today was: Physics 2 at 8, Calc 2 at 9, work 10-12, talk to the middle schoolers invading campus today from 12-1, Java 2 at 1, Discrete at 2, doctors appt at 3:30, and then this interview at 4:45. It was... crazy. And most days won't be like this, but I've a test tomorrow and a test on monday and a lab report due monday to do this weekend and... I feel swamped.

I like busy, but not swamped. But I keep doing this to myself. This job's only thru the end of June, so hopefully it'll be okay. I hope. God.
You can do this, bb. If anyone can, it'd be you. Like you said, most days won't be like today, so you'll have some breathing room.
Perhaps you're taking on so much, because you subconsciously think that the more you have to do, the less you have time to think about things you don't want to be thinking about... Which might be a good thing too, because while you may feel swamped, you get a break from certain thought patterns maybe. Just a thought, if it feels wrong, just ignore me :)

But I bet you're such an organized person, that you can easily make a schedule that shows what you have to be doing and when. I know when I have many things on my plate, it's way too easy to concentrate too much on one thing, and then end up doing the others in a terrible rush.

And the extra cash can hardly be a bad thing. But take care of yourself nonetheless, no money in the world is worth your mental health *hugs*
Yeah, it's probably something along those lines. It probably won't be too bad, unless the folks at web services make it difficult, but... (yn)