AJ and the Cosmos

It's my head!canon as far as AJ goes that the Stargate Program is declassified on 1 March 2012. As a result, I sometimes find myself thinking what knowledge of said program - and its AJ implications - would do to modern events. How would it effect the presidential race? The election of a new pope - and how would religions deal with the knowledge? What about natural disasters?

Most recently, I can't help but watch Cosmos and wonder what a Stargate-flavoured version - hosted by Sam Carter, with special guest Rodney McKay - would be like: ​Oh, you can't travel faster than light, except with a hyperdrive which works because XYZ. And time travel is impossible, unless you have a solar flare bisecting a wormhole or... And humans kind of evolved on Earth, but the Ancients messed around with our evolution, so we'e kind of laboratory experiments run wild.