So, for lack of anything better to do with my life, I've decided to collect certificates.

By which I mean, get as many diplomas, certificates, certifications, awards and whatnot as I can reasonably manage without sacrificing all of my free time / my sanity. I decided to do this mostly because I got invited into two honors societies (which have inductions this weekend) and joined mostly because I felt I needed resume padding. So I'm joining those, one today and one tomorrow, and am probably going to get my w3 HTML certification over the summer, mostly because it's something I've always intended to do and I should have some time to work on it then.

In other news, the school is so impressed with my webwork for the Office of Sustainability that they've offered me a few more hours to work on the website for the Energy Center, which luckily doesn't need anywhere near as much work as the Office of Sustainability did. I got to talk to someone about that on Wednesday, so we'll see how it goes.

I think I'm almost finished with the next chappie of AJ. Admittedly, Sights Unseen has been distracting me a little, but that's mostly been a good thing, because it's been so hard to get what needs to be gotten onto paper for this chappie. Ah, angst. I hope you all like it. I also plan to watch some more SG1 tonight, so prepare for the deluge this weekend - if I can get my Calc paper of Koch Snowflakes finished. And write up my Physics Lab Report. And maybe work on my Java program some. And study for my physics test on monday.

God, when did I get so busy?
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