The Great SyFy Rewatch 2: "Thor's Hammer"

Day 3
Stargate: SG-1 "Thor's Hammer"
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While you wait and be patient, the nine realms laugh at us!
The old ways are done! You'd stand giving speeches while Asgard falls!

So I skipped "Cold Lazarus," because I couldn't do that to myself. It is enough to know Charlie dies. The episode where the crystalline entity makes us relive all that is just too bad for words. I skipped "The Nox" because, while important in that it's the 1) first episode where everyone dies and 2) includes one of the members of the Alliance of the Four Great Races, I hate the Nox. I hate them so much I killed them off in AJ. I would do without the Nox if I could. So I skipped it. I also skipped "Brief Candle" because all of the date-rape/AIDS/etc symbolism aside, it's all played for laughs and mostly irritates the frak out of me.

So "Thor's Hammer."

I spent most of this episode trying to explain SG-1 to my mom, who was watching it with me as I watched while cooking dinner. She maintains that Stargate is silly, but she's not given it enough of a chance I think. She's as big a geek as I am and just needs the motivation.

That being said, it is kind of a silly episode. Granted, I love the Asgard, and the idea of the Asgard, and etc etc etc, but the actual follow through is a little bit silly. Add in Sam's perfect Space Make-Up (trademark pending) and Kendra's perfect dry cleaning and it's all a little bit wonky. But I love the Asgard and all they're willing to do for this planet, and all that they've tried to do. Plus, I love the interweaving mythos.

But Darth Vader's voice is just too much for me to handle in an episode, as are the S1 special effects.

The sight of Daniel with a gun is truly terrifying. Mostly for bystanders.

Still, Jack calls Teal'c - indeed, the whole team - a family in this episode. Which is very poignant. Sure, Sam has her Dad and brother, but we don't know about them yet; indeed, they are the very definition of Estranged. Jack has an ex wife and a dead son. Teal'c, as far as we know at this moment, has no one and nothing. Daniel has lost his wife. They are each other's family. They are all that they have. They've even died once together. They couldn't have a closer bond if they tried.

There is something both poignant and moving about destroying a planet's only protection against the goa'uld to save a friend. On one hand, you've got to applaud them for thinking of their friend. Sacrifice for the greater good is all well and good, but who are we if we sacrifice our humanity? But mostly I think it's supremely arrogant of them to sacrifice a planet for one man. Humans, particularly in the early seasons, stumble onto the scene and take actions without regard to the consequences. It comes back to bite them more often than not. It is both audacious and ridiculous. It needed to be done - but they inadvertently hurt so many along the way.

The campy thunder tops it all off though.