Tuesday Thoughts

Sorry about the lj spam this weekend guys - I'm really getting into this whole SyFy Rewatch. I'm one drabble behind, but I plan to write that tonight/tomorrow. My Mondays tend to be really busy, as can my Tuesdays, and with Earth Month here on campus starting up, work's been a bit crazy.

The semester's gearing down though. Finals are in a month. But of course I'm taking summer classes, so my schedule is pretty much:
Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 1.03.04 PM
Summer I

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 1.30.39 PM
Summer II

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 10.19.52 AM
Fall 2014

Which, if it looks crazy, kinda is. I'm classes as a Junior now, because of all of my hours, and have like 2 Gen Ed's left, one of which I plan to take over the summer. So I'm stuck taking like ALL the sophomore CS classes in fall semester, plus the Junior Seminar, and so IDK what even to classify me as anymore.

In other news, I'm like 40 pages from being done with Les Mis, which works out well because Peacekeeper, the new CJ Cherryh novel in the Foreigner series I've basically based a lot (naming wise, at least) of AJ on comes out today and should be at my doorstep by tonight. Not that I don't have a thousand other books to read. Literally.

I've also spent like most of the day wondering campus, taking pictures for the Sustainable Living Guide for work, which is very tiring, actually. - Which reminds me. My Earth Week stuff is going to be posted on the main page of the school's official website for April. Which is just... Wow.

But, yeah, at some point tonight I'm going to try to either knock out the Sights Unseen for "The First Commandment," or else work on AJ. I'm near done with this section, it's just taking forever to have 1) time and 2) no distractions and 3) get over my perfectionism. Though going between projects seems to be working well - it keeps me from focusing too hard on one or the other. Though I did spend like 1/2 hour last night trying to determine the calendar timeline for each of the episodes in S1 of SG1, just so I can do the date at the top of each. Believe it or not, I hadn't been that obsessive about it until now. (shakes head).

Wish me luck, and thanks to all of you who are reading SU - I know that SG1 isn't your main fandom and that, for many of you, Sam/Jack isn't your preferred ship, but it's nice to know my obsession pays off in other ways. I think it's been brining in a nice amount of readers to my SGA stuff, if AO3 is any indication. Which is, well, cool.
Holy crap, your schedule. God. I worry you take on too much, sometimes~ But you seem to handle it well, so XD Though my interest in SG1 fic is kind of limited (at least, if it doesn't crossover with SGA), I am enjoying Sights Unseen. It'll be so interesting to see how the relationships grow and change.
:D You are the bestest bb. I do worry about taking on too much, but I have no choice. I'm expected to / need to graduate as soon as possible and I have to stay full time, so... but at least no math in the fall? Or labs?

I think of Sights Unseen as a deep, deep background to everything that takes place in AJ. It will get us to "Fratris Filii," which has a large role in defining the role Sam plays in S3 and S4 (and S5) of AJ. So... yeah.