The Great SyFy Rewatch 2: "The First Commandment"

Day 2
Stargate: SG-1 "The First Commandment"
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It would take more than a man to lead the slaves from bondage. It would take a God...

I very nearly considered not watching this episode, but I decided to for two reasons: 1) I realized that this aspect of Sam's past - her (at the very least emotionally) abusive ex - had a big aspect on her character early on. She grows into a powerful, confident woman, but at the very beginning she's still uncertain when it comes to certain things. Mainly, her role in the military and on the team, which I think she somewhat overcompensates for in the first episode. 2) That this its the start of what the wiki acknowledges as one of the longest running and deepest-seated themes of SG-1: What is it to be a god, to deserve worship and reverence? And what is it to be a false god? We've seen the goa'uld false gods, but they're Big Bad aliens. Jonas is a man. A man like any other. And he loses it just as easily as anyone else.

Smooth the descent [into hell], and easy is the way...

But Forth Eorlingas! We've an episode to dissect.

I think we've easily proven in the first few minutes of this episode that humans are the real monsters.

Also, we get the "Does it say Colonel anywhere on my uniform?" line I adore.

William Russ, the actor who plays Jonas, was born in 1950. Carter was canonically born 29.12.1968. That's eighteen years age difference. Aside from the fact that 47 is a little old for an O-3 (he'd likely have been forced to retire long ago, unless he joined very late in life), and the fact that all the actors are playing characters listed as two-three years younger than they are... It all seems to be add up to saying that Carter likes older men. As in, significantly older. Which is either a subtle hint towards the Sam/Jack thing (very subtle) or else they were too concerned about finding an older guy who looked like he could play the part of a god to think about what it might mean to have a 47 year old actor, likely playing someone 45, have been engaged in-show to a 32 year old actress playing someone who is 28/29.

What do we call Jackson's hat-thing this episode? A do-rag?

A, Jonas and his harem. Do you really need to surround yourself with women while confronting your ex? Overcompensation much?

Also, you must appreciate Carters perfect hair and lipstick after a miles long hike / after waking up at a campsite.

Ah, Sam, you should have shot him. I understand why you don't, but you should have. That whole scene is a mind game, though. I don't imagine he ever hit her - maybe once, twice - but he was definitely abusive. Emotionally manipulative at the very least. He played head games with her. Probably told her she had no role in the military - that she wasn't

God, Jonas read the Bible one too many times didn't he? And did he shave between takes?

Dramatic zoom in! (And, no, it was just the light. The beard of crazy remains. Strangely enough, there seems to be no Beard of Crazy on tvtropes, but there is The Growing of the Beard - "Stargate SG-1 starts off very slowly, and takes more than a season to coalesce around a unified, sensible mythos and begin its story arcs.The first truly great SG-1 episode was There But For The Grace Of God, near the end of season one. Nearly the entire rest of the series took its cues from it in tone, it stepped out of Star Trek's shadow and stopped trying to copy it and it became much better for it. Stargate Atlantis was more or less the Stargate setting as a whole Growing the Beard, as Atlantis has always maintained a higher quality of character development, plot, and visual design." Though I believe Solitudes is the first really good episode of the series. I maintain that.)

You really get the feeling that Jonas never appreciated Sam's genius until he needed it. For him, she was just a catch - or something. Jack and the others may have varying understanding/interest in how her science works, but they appreciate it.

So much religion. And such a bad orange filter at the end. I'm so ready to reach the end of the season - tvtropes is right. The series is much better when it's mythos in in place and it stops trying to be Star Trek. Orange Sky and All.

​Quotes to Sew into Decorative Pillows:
Jackson: This tastes like chicken!
Carter: So what's wrong with it?
Jackson: It's macaroni and cheese.

CARTER: I guess I've always had a soft spot for the lunatic fringe.

TEAL'C: The beings I betrayed were not gods. They had power, but power alone does not make one a god. Do you understand?