The Great SyFy Rewatch 2: "The Broca Divide"

Day 2
Stargate: SG-1 "The Broca Divide"
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I would rather be a transformed ape than a degenerate son of Adam...

I have skipped "Emancipation," because it should not be watched. Ever. By anyone.

We get the wonderful start of wonderful team-ish moments. There's been some definite team-building activities between e3 and e5, that's for sure - but probably not in the form of that forgotten episode. According to the Stargate Wikia, this mission took place in March 1998, but I really don't like that. Sure, it gives a lot of time for team building, but that's like 9 accounted for months, especially if you want to cram the last 2/3rds the season into like 4 months. So I've retconned it in my own timeline and made this be like mid-September.

Plus, there is very little historical/biological evidence that cavemen reproduced largely by rape.

Also, if I understand the science correctly, any tidally locked planet would not be habitable. Nor would there be big forests on the night side.

Did I forget to mention we get the explanation of the naming system? I did, didn't I? They say it's some sort of binary code. How, IDK.

Also, craniology is a debunked science. So, by default, is the Broca Divide of which they speak, the way they speak of it, but I understand Broca did a lot more than "divide primitive man" and all that.

Sam and Daniel's friendship gets me every time. It really has grown.

And oh. Oh! Sam's "attack" on Jack. It is definitely... Something else. Very violent. But, Jack does kiss her again after he's restrained her - on the neck, admittedly, but still. And the wording of his argument's is very curious considering:

O'NEILL: (Startled) CARTER! Uh... (pulls his shirt on) sorry, didn't know you were in here.
To his surprise, she pulls him to her, grabbing his head and kissing him passionately.
O'NEILL: (muffled) Mmph! Hey! (pulls back) What the hell's going on?
CARTER: I want you. (kisses him again)
O'NEILL: (muffled) Why? I mean, no! (pulls her off of him) CARTER, this is a little out of line, don't you think?
She grabs him by the shoulders and shoves him down on the bench, straddling him.
CARTER: You want me?
She leans down and kisses him a third time.
O'NEILL: (muffled) No, no - (she pulls back for a second) not like this, not like - (she kisses him, and he shoves her off) CARTER! What's gotten into you?
She leans down and kisses him again, but he gets the upper hand, grabbing her shoulders and rolling off the bench, pinning her to the ground.
O'NEILL: It's about time you saw a doctor, Doctor.

First of all, despite the later being somewhat Played For Laughs, it is very much sexual assault. Secondly, the idea of a female officer having relations of any sort with her male superior officer could easily have ruined Sam's career. Thirdly, I find it curious that Sam chose Jack - who, while the leader of the team, is not the leader leader. But perhaps an O-6 is close enough to god for an O-3 - hell knows an E-6 was for me in training, and the rare times we saw an officer was... terrifying. Fourthly, why is Jack's immediate response to Sam's "I want you?" "Why?" That is... very Freudian slip-ish, and indicative that he may feel something, but is both very good at ignoring it and repressing it with the ever-lovely argument why would she ever want me? I call this the Lupin Argument Against. And, lastly (baring the aforementioned kiss), his answer to "You want me?" is "Not Like This." For which, see previous argument.

I adore Daniel's "Why?"

O'NEILL: You care about her? What's that mean?
DANIEL: It means I care about her, she's my friend. Now let (tries to pull away) - go!
O'NEILL: She's not yours to care about.
DANIEL: What the hell are you talking about?
O'NEILL: I'm talking about *Samantha.* You just stay away from her, okay?

Repeat the earlier Sam/Jack argument with Jack side's again.

You know, this a truly terrible episode,e but full of so many interesting moments.

Have I talked about Frasier yet? I love Frasier. And why did no one think about bringing back a plague? Europe brought a whole bunch of diseases to the Americas. I'm sure it worked the other way around, in smaller numbers we don't hear about in history class. Why not with the Stargate?

Can I say something about how calmly Teal'c knocks out the guards and takes samples of their blood? It certainly makes up for the awfulness of everything else.

I really, really want to know why Sam was stabbed with her roommate. I've seen a couple of fics explore this issue, but I really wish they'd gone into it on the show.

"Mister" Teal'c. :D

I am, however, actually working on my Physics Lab report while watching this. Which says something about the quality.

"A girl on every planet" Jackson. How prophetic.

Also, Jack's ending comments could easily be construed as harassing. Or not, depending on the team dynamics. But mostly could. I forgive him, since it is supposed to be amusing, but militarily... that crosses a line. A line the military is very, very clear not to cross. They have these rules for a reason. Regardless of how much we might ship something on a TV show.