The Great SyFy Rewatch 2: "The Enemy Within"

Day 1
Stargate: SG-1 "The Enemy Within"
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Pounding in your temples
And a surge of adrenaline
Every muscle tense to fence the enemy within...

If nothing tells you how little an army values its soldiers, it's throwing them away needlessly against someone's Stargate Iris. Because that is the definition of canon fodder.

Though Jack's hair/makeup this season still irritates me. Don't ask me why, but I think it's them trying to so purposefully make him look younger. He looks hot with some grey. Let it stay.

With All Do Respect Count (for this episode): 1

I love the Jack / Teal'c interaction in this episode. At least, the first bit. It goes a long way in explaining why Teal'c left Chulack and joined SG-1. Plus I love the conversation:

O'NEILL: Yeah. Well it's kind of a human thing. We tend to be afraid of things we don't know.
TEAL'C: Why is O'Neill not afraid?
O'NEILL: Teal'c, I saw you stand up to a God. Refuse to kill, I saw you make that decision.
TEAL'C: Yes.
O'NEILL: In that moment I learned everything I needed to know to trust you.

And later, "Permission to barge in."

I love the Tau'ri mythology that Teal'c brings up in this episode, and the discovery that Earth is the home to all the life - and slaves, and false gods, and Jaffa armies - in the galaxy is amazing. Incredibly small, possibly to avoid the question of "why do aliens look like humans," but also wondrous. There is life out there, but it is human. It is Terran. It is Tau'ri. They are our brothers, our sisters, our long lost cousins, and even our greatest enemy shares our blood. Humanity contains multitudes and have spread among the stars - but here on earth, we have been forgotten, left behind. We are the prodigal sons and their unwitting saviours. We are the Big Brothers of the universe.

Also, the Sam / Daniel friendship that we see already deeply formed in this episode, I love.

I really love how Sam fights back when she's taken hostage. She doesn't just let herself be taken. She alerts the proper authorities and then fights. And continues to fight. Go positive female role models.

Additionally, I love Colonel Kennedy's cold callousness. The first in a long string of cold, power-hungry, opportunists in the series. He thinks he can learn from the goa'uld and, well, he's determined to try. Good thought, bad idea. But wonderful determination.

When told to keep his finger's crossed, Teal'c actually does. It's hilarious.

Computers of 1997. May you rest in pieces.

First Wizard of Oz reference. And some angry saluting.

Hammond really takes the whole A Father To His Men to new levels.

Other than that, this episode really only exists to show a) the goa'uld are really evil, b) Teal'c is really good, and c) to cut down on on-location budget costs. Not amazing, but definitely not bad.

(And Yes, I'm now two episodes ahead of where I'd planned to be this week. Yay! And please check out the drabble series I'm writing along with this on AO3, Sights Unseen.)