The Great SyFy Rewatch 2: "Children of The Gods"

Day 1
Stargate: SG-1 "Children of The Gods"
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Let's start at the very beginning
A very good place to start...

I have a couple of issues with the very beginning sequence, the main one being: I know it's the Air Force, but no one with any training stands out in the open and waits to be shot. Cover exists, you are trained to use it, do so. Also, how did Apophis & Co manage to dial the gate back home? The dialing computer is in the control room, they've not left the ramp, and even if they had, it's not like the SGC has a DHD. It has a dialing computer - a computer the likes of which no one outside of Earth has ever seen before, in a language (and alphabet) that did not exist when the goa'uld were driven from Earth, and is most likely turned off anyway at this point because it's not like anyone was actually using it. So how did they manage to dial home?

But anyway. Onto the show. And I gotta say, for all I have issues with the incredibly fake looking hair-coloring (and makeup) they've done for Jack this season, I love his sense of humor. Have no idea how he made it to O-6 with that kind of attitude, but what do I know? My dad has told a few terribly off-color jokes in his time (one involves smallpox and blankets), but he was enlisted and could play the game.... But I suppose Jack is a consummate game player. Maybe not in the usual way - he plays the game to get the job done, not for personal gain. Or something.

They're using a Mark V to try to bomb Abydos here. It's always been my head!cannon that Rodney designed every Naquadah-enhanced warhead in Earth's arsenal until the Mark VIII. Not that I'm sure this one's naquadah-enchanched.

I'm going to count all the With All Do Respect's I hear. I never heard it once in the Navy, but maybe I didn't get far enough. It takes less than 15 minutes here for the first one.

Still, I appreciate that Jack tried to save all those lives. He is a consummate Make/Take a Third Option-er. Lawful Good through and trough. Or something. Not to the extent Teal'c is, but...

With All Do Respect Count: 2.

Also, computers from 20 years ago. God. I know computers less sophisticated than my calculator took men to the moon, but it's painful to look at. I probably have more computing power in my bedroom than is in that Control Room. [Additionally, I can't decide if Jack's jacket is actual leather or not. It looks very shiney. Pleather anyone? Did they have] pleather in 1995?)

I love how starships are the old fashioned way of getting between planets in this series. And that there's so little hand waving about everything. Science is science, on our level - more or less.

Jackson and his complete and utter misunderstanding / ignorance about military culture is hilarious. And funny.

And Sam's beautiful scientific babble is beautiful. And the discovery that the Stargate network is a network is treated with just the reverence and incredulity and wonder that one would expect.

Also, I love how they add the iris while they're away. It shows that SG1 aren't the only ones with brains at the SGC; that people are frightfully good at their jobs.

Speaking of jobs, this time around it's easier to see how much Teal'c really dislikes his at this point. At the beginning, he tries to protect the female airman they captured from friendly fire. He tries to keep Skaara from getting himself killed needlessly. And, while Sha're is clearly the one Aphosis liked five mites earlier, he doesn't pick her because he realizes that she has someone who cares for her and so choices someone who he thinks has nothing/no one for her back home - whose loss would not be noticed.

[Also, I appreciate Amazon Prime's censoring of the unnecessary nudity in the selection process. Mostly because It truly is unnecessary.]

And how does killing the pretty slaves that don't please your queen make sense? Capturing slaves takes time and effort. Why not keep them?

I take it back. Jackson's complete inability to understand military culture is both terrifying and amusing. Mostly terrifying. It's amazing he doesn't get killed more often. (I kinda love that I can write that sentince and have that make sense.)

Chulack looks more Greek than Egyptian. Which, you know, is kinda weird with Egyptian Gods being impersonated and all. (Though, seriously, who did the costuming for this episode? And the sets? Because, seriously, it looks silly beyond all measure.

And... yeah. I'll admit to not watching the second half of the episode as closely as the first. Mostly because the random running about of people on Chulack doesn't interest me as much as the rest. It exists as a reason for there to be tension, not because it actually makes sense. Although when distracted, Teal'c defection is easier to accept.

Mostly, though, everything I love about SG1 is in the nascent version here. It's why this episode convinced me to watch the rest of the series and my very original viewing of "2010" years before didn't.

Now, though, I have a headache. Or may still be a little hungover. And have homework to do, so... I leave you with:

Quotes to be stitched onto decorative pillows:

CARTER: You know, you really will like me when you get to know me.
O'NEILL: Oh, I adore you already, Captain.
The first time I watched this episode, I didn't even notice the problems with the episode. Which says a lot about how I consume media, I suppose :P But now that they're pointed out, it makes me go "What were they thinking?!" Less about logistics and more about hooking viewers, I suppose~
Well, you know me. I'm overly critical. I analyze and dissect and etc everything I read/watch/hear. I am the most critical person I know - I have been voted the most critical person in existence by my brother. It is what I do. Out of love.