The Great SyFy Rewatch 2: A Prologue

Almost two years ago, I attempted a Great SyFy Rewatch prior to shipping out to the navy. And I got pretty far. So I've decided to do it again. Only bigger. And better.

Unlike last time, where I had a set end date and nothing else much to occupy my time, this time school is taking up so much of my time that I've had to set the goal of one episode a week, with the caveat that two-parters (like "Lost City") and three-parters (like "The Siege") will be treated as one episode. Additionally, I've decide that this time around I give myself leave to skip the most awful episodes of the series ("Bane," "Home," "Emancipation", etc) to save myself the pain and suffering.

So that should keep me covered for a long, long while. What's more, once upon a time a good friend of mine in the ENT fandom, Alelou, wrote a whole "Missing TnT Scenes" series for ​each and every episode of Star Trek: Enterprise's four seasons. I know polrobin tried to do something similar for SG1, but never got past S4. And so I task myself to write a drabble that elaborates on my head!cannon for the series for each and every SG1 episode that I watch. Because I have elaborate head!cannon, which feeds very heavily into AJ, especially as we get into S4 of that.

And so I begin once again with SG1 and SGA, and we'll see where things go from there.
Good luck, bb! I have to say, I love the idea of a drabble for each episode. I can't wait to see what you come up with :D
Maybe not for each episode, but for most. The one's I end up watching anyway. Working on the first now.

The only problem is, do I do I post them individually, or in a drabble collection per season? So many thoughts.
Well, if you're doing an episode per week, then it'd be fine to post them individually - you won't be spamming ao3 that way. Otherwise I'd suggest more of a collection idea...
Yeah. It'll be one episode a week. Maybe two, if the weekends aren't busy. I'd rather spam A03 anyway. Just sort by Sam/Jack over there one day. Like half the first page as it is is my AJ stuff, most of which has very little Sam/Jack. So I thought I need to rectify that.
No, no, the SG1 version is my head!canon for everything that goes on in the series! As in, everything that occurs in the drabbles will be background for the AJ 'verse. Though I suppose I still could, a non-AJ version....
Ahhhh, I see. I thought you mean your "general SG1" headcanons, not AJ 'verse specific ones.
They are one in the same. Until S9, there's no difference between them - and after that, only because they know about Atlantis and John and all that.