LEDs and stuff

So, surprise surprise, dad's being a jerk again.

I think he's mad because classes before 10 were canceled today because of snow, and since my heater's busted I was hanging about inside. Within his sight. Which lead to him being exceptionally grumpy and me leaving for my 1pm class really early. This may have been what lead him to insist I try driving my car up the driveway, which usually takes days to melt, rather than park it at the bottom and get mom to drive me up.

Needless to say, my car got stuck and I had to walk the rest of the way up. And he had to drive it back down later. Which apparently pissed him off, which, while understandable, would never have happened if he hadn't insisted I try driving up. After which I got a lecture about not having the proper car for up here and how I should get a new one. And not live in his house. And not exist. And so on and so forth.

And I wanted to be like "Dad, we'd never even BEEN to Boone when I bought my car. It was never even a consideration. I never planed to live in the mountains, or with you, or anything. But Plans change and I can't afford a new car or to live not in your garage with a not broken heater." But I didn't. I was just annoyed, which sucked because I was in the middle of physics homework that the professor hasn't actually taught us how to do yet.

But the day was actually pretty good until dad got home. My 8 and 9 were canceled, my 1 and 2 went well, and during my group meeting I finished my 4x4x4 LED cube:


Which I've been working on for ages now. It's 4 layers of 4x4 LEDs, all of which have to be soldered to each other, with three crosspieces for each layer, and then with a vertical piece attached to each lead - of which each LED has three. That's about 500 joints to solder. Not to mention all those wires had to be stripped by hand - with a razor blade. There's a lot of wiring and programing to be done yet, but i was the first to finish the cube itself and am extraordinarily pleased by it. Even if it is a little bit wonky.

So yeah, frak dad.
Nice LED cube! \o/ Is it going to be programmable, so you can make the lights blink, or make patterns? The whole project is so cool, I haven't done things lie that much, but it might be fun :) (when I was in school years back, we built our own polariscopes, and used LEDs for light source. I did a wood casing for mine, which was a little too ambitious, but worked out ok in the end :D)
Yes, it's going to be programable, but I've only just finished the soldering. The wiring and such comes next.

That sounds really cool. Do you still have it, or...?
Yes, I still have it :) I was such a proud, happy geek after I actually finished it, that I don't want to throw it away even if I never use it :D (it was useful in gemmology class, at home, not so much)

And btw, love the nailpolish! I wish yellow was my colour, or that I had the patience to apply nailpolish more often :) It never seems to last more than a few days with all the things I get up to :D
:D I'd love to see that. Can you upload a pic?

I rarely do mine, and all my nails are actually different easter colors - yellow, blue, green, pink/purple. That's just ht sonly one you can see. I just was feeling bored when watching tv the other day and it happened.