random syfy ranting

So, I woke up yesterday morning with the thought, "It's 2011. It is 2011 and Jupiter has not exploded," and, for some strange reason, this has deeply saddened me. Now not only are we past the events of 2001, we are now out of the realms of possibility that 2010 offered us.

Yes, I do realize that both books (and movies) are not real. But there's something wonderful about the idea of them... of spaceflight, and lunar colonies, and Europa... And now that we are in the 2011, in which the Space Shuttles are being retired and the Constellation Program cancelled, and in which nearly two score years - 4 decades - have passed since man last walked on the moon... things seem bleak and forboding.

Where is the world that we dreamed of fifty years ago? 12 years passed between the launch of Sputnik and Eagle's landing. Twelve more years passed before Columbia was launched - a dozen years each, no more. Maybe I have watched too much syfy, maybe I have dreamed too big, but I cannot believe I live in a world more content to wage the same wars, to...

Well, I suppose it does not matter. But I cannot help feel saddened by this....
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