Hello everyone! Sorry I've been so terrible about posting lately - I've just been so busy and nothing really exciting has been going on, and so I saw no reason to bother you all with the details.

First off: Sunday was my last day at Lowes Foods. I am now officially back to one job, the one on-campus for the Office of Sustainability, and hopefully things will continue to go well. I'm kinda thrilled, honestly, because as much as I was happy to have the job at Lowes Foods when I got it, the hours have just been awful since the tourist season ended, with the exception of the insanity that was Christmas, and more often than not I'm bored to tears than have anything actual to do. And there is only so long I can try to stuff groceries into the trunks of Audis in the pouring rain without a jacket that I can deal with.

The new job is good though. Things are getting busy, with Earth Day coming up, but they seem to really like my work. Even if I did have to spend 2 hours slicing and uploading an image in pieces because the CMS won't let me hotspot images. It promises to be amazing though.

School's going okay. I remain cautiously optimistic about Calculus II, which I just want to get the C- I need in. Because it is hard. Everything else is going much better - although my new physics professor did spent 10 minutes lecturing my 8am class about the importance of eating breakfast, not understanding our lack of answering was from lack of knowledge rather than hunger.

Though I've been hungry a lot lately. I went and saw the nutritionist again and she's impressed at my progress, but I still need to eat more calories. Because I have a tendency not to notice anymore exactly how hungry I am - I was actually in CS lab the other day typing along when my stomach growled really loudly. And I hadn't even noticed I was hungry. At all.

I remain cautiously optimistic about the start of S4 of AJ as well. I think I've gotten past the biggest hurtle I was having, but the fact remains that my plans had been to do a lot of this at the end of S3, before I decided it was better to do it in S4. But the title I'd picked out for the start of S4 doesn't fit this fic so much, and I could cobble them together into a 2parter, or I could always call S4 by the name of the second fic in the season... but I'm betting stubborn in my old age and don't want to do that.

I'll figure out something.

Speaking of old age, thanks be to melodysparks and starbuckssue for their lovely v-gifts, and to rhia_starsong, selenic76, sgamadison, and popkin16 for for the general b-day wishes. Thanks everybody! I'm so glad to have you all in my life.