FYI, finding things that are both gluten and dairy free is near impossible. I'm trying to do my best, but it is difficult, especially when I'm on campus all day.

I think it's helping though. I've not felt as bad as I have since I started it, although I do have a headache - though that may be because of dehydration. My scholarship advisor dragged a bunch of us to the gym today and we played soccer. I was goalee for one side, and have many interesting bruises already. But it was fun, more or less. walking back to my parking deck wasn't so much, but into every life...


In other news, my boss at the on-campus job has officially offered me the job thru the summer and until my nebulous graduation date - with the possibility that they may hire me on full time after I graduate. The infographics I am working are also so universally applauded that they have become the basis for the next 4-year awareness campaign. Seriously - I'm just as surprised as you all are. Considering I basically was given no direction for the first one and just ended up throwing something together, well...

All this adds up the fact that I've officially decided to give up Lowes Foods. I just don't need it or it's stress anymore. I'm going to give my two weeks notice on Sunday, when I next go in. It's been a good job, but it's definitely not what I want to do for the rest of my life. Especially not when I have a second job I enjoy so much more, which is more convenient and better paying and actually in my major.

What else? The grad student teaching my physics class will no longer be teaching after Spring Break - he's found another job, and we get a real professor as a result. This could either be very good (better instruction) or very bad (he'll spend half a semester trying to teach us everything we should have learned already and all the new stuff). No one's decided yet.

Spring break is the week after next. Real progress is being made on the S3 finale of AJ, though not as quickly as I would like. And... yeah. that's basically it.
I'm trying to go GF and dairy-free myself in an attempt to see if it will help with my chronic pain issues. So anything on this topic is of great interest to me! :-) I'm trying to substitute meat and veggies for the former cheese and crackers, which made up the staple of my diet, and it hasn't been easy. Would be very interested to know what works for you!
Well, as my parents are currently in the process of minor kitchen renovation, it is mainly frozen dinners for the time being. Though the gluten-free diary-free pizza I had for dinner this evening wasn't so bad. Although I'm a little perturbed, because I was trying to find a salad dressing at the store, figuring salad was a safe alternative to almost anything, but there are very few dressings that are both. Sadly.

The main thing I've discovered is this no-cook oatmeal, which is literally some oatmeal, almond/soy/whatever milk, and some chia seeds left in a container in the fridge overnight. In the morning you have oatmeal, fresh and ready to eat - and not so bad, though the flavor is kind of noexitant unless you add fruit or something to it. It's not much, but it's breakfast, and I'm normally terrible about that, so...
I wish I could find a job with computers; I have no degree though (yet). I am so, so, so happy that you found a job that's low stress, better pay, and utilizes your degree :) You deserve it!
Good news on the job front

Dairy and gluten free products in normal everyday life are limited but in a community like a campus they are even scarcer

All l can suggest for combatting the dehydration is water and fruit juices
Yeah. Unfortunately by the time you feel dehydrated, you already are, and it takes a long time to rehydrate. But there are worse things, I suppose. My campus isn't as bad about it as some other places, but choices are limited. In the extreme. I may have to pack lunch from now on.
It does help, but four year awareness campaign. That seems a bit much for something I essentially threw together.