So, the news of the last few days is this: yesterday, I finally got my new phone and got it set up, which was more of a chore than I really feel like relating at the moment, and needless to say ended in futile anger, counterproductive irritation, and lingering exhaustion.

Somewhat more exciting is the news of today, which is that I finally saw the nutritionist my mom's been after me to see for a while. Because it's universally agreed that I messed up my body with all that dieting and exercise from the pre-Navy days. (She was in absolute shock over some of what I'd done). Anyway, she agreed that 1) I've messed myself up and 2) the stress my dad causes probably causes more of the problems then first blush would think. We're going to try having me go as gluten- and diary- free as possible for a while, because that may have something to do with it. She also wants me to find a way to stand up to my father when necessary. I'm with her on the first, I'm not sure the second will end well.

Anyway, I remain hopeful, and if I'm tasked with at acknowledging my feelings, well, I suppose that's the healthy thing to do anyway, and that suppression and denial will only get you so far. Plus, the stomach problems I've been having are awful.

I finally got my physics test back too - an 83, which is far higher than I hoped, and the class average was 72 - and schadenfreude is the most pleasant of all emotions. I've a Java test tomorrow I feel pretty good about. My soldering technique for my group project is getting better, and my Arduino finally came in the mail today - so I can play with that this weekend. Thor 2 is on video finally, so I can watch that this weekend, and I should have the first episode of Vikings S2 to watch this weekend to watch too. If I'm feeling daring, I can even catch up on SPN and Sleepy Hollow over Spring Break, which is luckily the week after next. And I'm making real progress on the S3 season finale of AJ. And my infographics and webwork for my second job are going magnificently well. And I've finally started reading Les Miserables, which is even better than the movie led me to hope, and I'm tentatively excited for the Barricade Boys sections, even if I'm barely on page 210.

In short, I guess I do have stuff to look forward to and be happy about (though when it came time to fill that part of the intake form, my mind went very, very blank). My life is good. Not ideal, but good. There are still some things I would like, or prefer, but I could be a lot worse off. Not the happiness of mantras, but... It's something.
I had no idea you were going to see a nutritionist. There were times when you told me what you had eaten/how much exercise you were going to do, and I was pretty shocked. I can't say I'm surprised if you messed yourself up a bit. And your dad DEFINITELY isn't helping you be healthy.

Perhaps standing up to your father would go better if your mother had your back?
Mom tries. But she gets tired of getting caught in the middle and I don't like causing fights between them, so... it's better for all of us.

Really? I thought i had mentioned it. But I might not have (its been a long few weeks). But, yeah, she was shocked too. Very shocked. When you diet for 2 years, the last 3 months of which are 6hrs of exercising a day with only 600 calories coming in, you tend to mess yourself up a lot, it seems.