Argosy Ranks

So, I being me, I realized in the middle of writing the S3 finale that I need ranks for the Argosy. Because such things are important, and those in place for the Lantean Guard don't quite work, as they had no enlisted ranks.

A large portion of the existing structure can remain, but here's what I've got so far for the officers:

Alteran Translation Equivalent
Praetor Praetor General
Proconsul Deputy Brigadier General
Legatus / Narvarchus Legate / Captain Colonel / Captain
Tribunus Tribune Major
Vicarius Proxy Lieutenant

The main addition is the proconsules between the praetor and legati, largely because I felt there needed to be a rank between Lorne, who is the praetor at this point, and all the people who will be commanding ships in the Argosy, because there are a lot of ships. Ergo, Procounsul. I've also removed the lictores from the bottom of the rung, because their function is largely replaced by those of the enlisted, below:

Alteran Translation Equivalent
Centurio Captain Sergeant Major
Optio Option Sergeant
Tesserarius Watchman Corporal
Hastatus Infantry Private

The point of this is mostly for my own reference - there's no real use for any of this, except in passing, but it's there. Here it is. Enjoy.