So, I was running a little late this morning, and the bus was pulling away right as I was pulling in. The bus driver actually waited for me, which is new, so I was hurrying and I didn't realize until the bus was pulling out that I'd left my lights on. And since I couldn't exactly ask the guy to stop for me again, I figured I'd just come back after class and hope it'll be fine.

Then of course I immediately regretted my decision and worried incessantly about it, and so I texted mom and she said dad would check on it when he got to school. Apparently my car battery is completely dead, which he discovered after accidentally setting the alarm off on my car and having the police called on him. IDK the details, but I expect a scene tonight.

Anyway, he jumped the car, but is afraid it won't start again, so is going to pick me up after my meeting that I have to hang around all day for and drive me to my car, and then see if it needs to be jumped again. Either way, it looks like I need a new battery. Which isn't that big of a deal, but it's also something I don't need at the moment, and I don't need dad angry at me either, and it's all...exhausting.

I was on campus from 7am-ish to 8:30pm-ish yesterday, if one counts times to and from my parking lot, and had to be here at 7am again, and it's just... I'm so tired, and have to be here until 7pm, and I have homework to do and I should be working on the website for my second job, and I'm just so tired. I'm not sleeping well anymore, or, if I do, I'm not getting enough, and I'm feeling just run down and terrible, and I'm either hungry all the time or unable to eat at all or some combination of the two, and it's just....

I want to lie in bed forever and ever, or at least have reasonable expectations of time forced upon me. Because I don't see why people want to be on campus for 13 hours a day, and I just can't stand being around people for that long, and I need rest and quiet and a chance to relax. And I know it's stupid and people have it a lot worse, but all I want right now is a hug and for someone to lie to me and tell me it'll all work out, and I can already feel the headache coming on.

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