A selection of assorted fanfics encompassing the entirety of Vikings, arranged by appropriate ship. Suggestions for additions are always welcome.

Athelstan / Lagertha / Ragnar Lothbrok

On Earth As It Is In Heaven by samyazaz: Athelstan believes that the empty feeling he's had his entire life means that he has no soulmate, and is meant for God. Ragnar and Lagertha have been waiting for the third member of their bond for years and started to despair that they might ever find him. But when the summer raids bring Ragnar west to Lindisfarne, everything changes. (*)

Find Me A Find by lady_ragnell: Athelstan comes to Kattegat University for his freshman year and ends up with his dorm supervisor and his world religions TA as his best friends. He might be doing college wrong. (*)

Where You Go I Will Go by lady_ragnell: Athelstan doesn't believe he'll ever meet his soulmate, the ache in his chest telling him that whoever it is, they're far away. Lagertha and Ragnar have felt the pull west since they first met, and when Ragnar finds a way to go there, he goes intending to bring the third soulmate of their bond home. None of them gets quite what they expect.
I've read On Earth As It Is In Heaven but not the other two :D New fic, yesss.

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