For those of you not in the know, I recently became the web content manager for the Office of Sustainability at my college. Which basically means the job falls to me to tidy up their website. I've spent most of the last 3 weeks going through their back end, which the guy before me left a mess, but you can see some of my own work already on the front page.

The big thing I've done lately is their Energy Summit page, which is a big improvement over their text-heavy pages of the past, if I say so myself. Sadly, the images are not mine, but the manipulations are. Ah, to have photoshop again.

But anyway, I've been spending most of my time working on that between classes on days when I have to be on campus all day, which is every day those days. I keep debating about whether to give up my job at Lowes Foods or not. I mean, on one hand this new one pays much better, but I've no idea if it will last longer than this semester, and so I'll need the job for the summer. On the other hand, it's extra stress and with what hours I CAN work it's hardly any money at all. Like, not even 15 hours a week.

So... Decisions decisions decisions.
What's your relationship with your boss? I ask because you may be able to explain your situation and ask if (s)he'd take you back during the summer if your web design job ends.
It's good, but we work alternating schedules. I've not actually seen her since I started school up again. I left her a note today about just working Sundays and holidays, but IDK if it'll be possible, or how it will work out after she leaves for her surgery. She'll be out for weeks after that, and IDK if the other two will be able to manage the department around their own schedules without me. It's a mess.