Ten Days of Fandom: Day 8

January 31st marks my 5 year anniversary for writing fanfic, and I decided this year I wanted to do something special. I'd seen the fandom snowflake challenge going on, so it sort of gave me a leaping off point - but I decided I wanted to do a ten-day celebration of my fandoms, my fics, and and my favorites, culminating in my usually-morose anniversary post on the 31st.

So today we discuss Grimm, Sleepy Hollow, Welcome to Night Vale, NCIS and XMFC:

Today is really a mixed bag, mostly because they're all fandoms I've dabbled in, but never will likely do more in. My dribbling mostly extends to being randomly in the mood to read fic, getting disgusted by my choices, and giving up fairly quickly... But it's still a relationship, I guess.

Grimm is a show I started because I was bored, stuck around for half a season, and then just when I was about to give up, got really good. I enjoyed about the second half of S1 and the start of S2... and then got so disgusted I gave up before the end of S2. I've seen nothing of S3, but I've heard there are zombies, and aadarshinah's second rule of fandom is never treat with zombies. With very, very few exceptions, nothing with zombies in it is worth watching/reading. It can also be called ​aadarshinah's corollary to Sturgeon's Law, but as I one day wish to have a series of laws named after me, as with Niven, I prefer the first.

Anyway, I've read a couple good late S1 fics that all happen to be Nick/Monroe because of the fact I find Nick/Juliette insipid and Nick/Renard creepy on many levels, but... It is what it is.

Sleepy Hollow is almost the opposite, because I watched the first 5 episodes in one sitting. I have yet to watch the most recent ones, mostly because I found "Haven" insipid and off-putting, but I will give it another try, perhaps after I've finished some other shows on my docket. The fan fiction too seems to be universally off-putting, but I've found one or two that aren't so bad.

Welcome to Night Vale is another fandom I owe to popkin16, although I confess to being woefully behind on it since exams. It too has singularly off-putting fan fiction (much of it appears to be varying degrees of eldritch horror porn), but gyzym has written a couple wonderful stories that I would highly recommend. It is also through this tag that I discovered 30 pieces of Magic School Bus fic exist on AO3, which I have yet to decide is better or worse than the 4 pieces of Blues Clues fic I discovered scrolling through the TV Show tag.

NCIS is a fandom I blame solely on the fact that the night before I shipped out there was a Tony/Ziva marathon on TV, and being in a hotel with nothing to do I watched several. I quickly became disabused of the ship after coming back and trying to watch S3, finding the development of it rapidly paced before being placed on permanent back-burner. I also found everyone to be almost completely 1D, and put it off for a while until eventually going back and watching S1. Which wasn't as bad, and had some good moments, but I cannot believe this series is on its 11th season. Anyway, my shipping of Gibbs/DeNozzo is mostly incidental, based on that's where all the good fic are, but what can you do? Not every ship can be an OTP.

XMFC is a fandom that I am sorely disappointed in. There is so much that could be done with the rampant homosexual tension in the movie, but I've found very few fic that take both that and the extensive comic book history into account, or otherwise end up making what I consider to be frankly bizarre changes to the backgrounds of characters. In fact, it never even occurred to me to ship Alex/Hank until I saw it in fic, and I still don't see the draw of it now. I am pretty much an Erik/Charles shipper when I think about it all, and there are a few well written fic, but mostly disappointment and mpreg.

All in all, this is the story of my problem children - of the fandoms I wanted to be part of but ultimately moved away from. The blind dates and creepy stalkers, if you will. But tomorrow is day 9 - which I had considered using solely as a shout out to AJ - which I plan now to use to discuss my current obsessions and the future direction of my fandoms.
I think for me, the layers of the characters in NCIS revealed themselves during watching all the seasons. They certainly seem a little 1D if you go with only their more visibly shown qualities, the ones that you see in every ep.

I also know the premise of basically one case/one episode, though there are exceptions, might be more boring to others than me. But I've come to love the varied cast of characters, the major and the minor, and have stuck with the show for them. Also, always love a show where the bad guys almost invariably get their due :)

Not trying to talk you into watching more of it, just sharing my side of the story :) Like you said, not every ship can be OTP, not every show will be a must see. For me, NCIS along with SGA were my first fandoms, and will always be special for me because of that.
IDK. There didn't seem to much dimension in the season I watched, but maybe I wasn't looking hard enough. I may try watching some more at a later time, but for now, I'm good.
I loved the early NCIS, the JAG episodes are still favourites, when Tony really was Gibbs competent second in command, and the early days when although Tony and Kate were like school kids they still had Gibbs trust. Ziva ruined things, her actions were totally out of order and no serious organisation would ever put up with them, that's when I lost faith with the series. I love Gibbs/ DiNozzo or even Gibbs and Tony in a father/son or mentor role. I have watch the first couple of eps of season 11 now that Zivas gone and will see what happens. (Season 11 only started over here three weeks ago).
I've only seen S1 and a scattering of a few episodes of s3. I don't actively like Kate, but I do prefer her to Ziva from what I've seen. Beyond that... I really don't know. having not seen much, I can only assume that it suffers from the same failings that all long running shows do: continuity failures, the increasingly difficult ability to one-up oneself, and the like.

As I said, I don't actively dislike it, but I don't actively like it either. It's more interesting than L&O, but... idk. I'll come back to it one day.