Ten Days of Fandom: Day 7

January 31st marks my 5 year anniversary for writing fanfic, and I decided this year I wanted to do something special. I'd seen the fandom snowflake challenge going on, so it sort of gave me a leaping off point - but I decided I wanted to do a ten-day celebration of my fandoms, my fics, and and my favorites, culminating in my usually-morose anniversary post on the 31st.

So today we discuss Inception, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Doctor Who, and Sherlock.

Today is my first real medley of fandoms, which are lumped together because of a) I discovered them more or less in that order, and b) while I enjoy all of them, I'm not a major fan of any of them.

Inception came first. In fact, I have several distinct memories of reading Inception fic while listening to Natasha Bedingfeild's Strip Me on repeat, as I'm won't to do with any new CD I acquire until I grow tired of it, which puts it around December 2010. I got into it thru AOS, as there's this really wonderful AOS Inception!AU called "Tread Softly" that I cannot rec highly enough and it got me into wanting to read Inception fic.

I didn't really come away with a ship from the movie, but I've grown into an Arthur/Eames shipper, and my recs are here. I particularly recommend the ones by gyzym.

Marvel came... well actually it came two springs later, in April of 2012, which I remember mostly because almost the very first fic I stumbled across was scifigrl47's as-then-uncompleted "Some Things Shouldn't Be a Chore." That series is largely responsible for my Steve/Tony feels, and for encouraging me to get into the comic books proper. (There is almost nothing sub about the homoerotic subtext in the Civil War: Iron Man collection; Civil War: Front Line 1 & 2 are on my shelves waiting to be read now). Granted, the movie inclined me a bit more towards Tony/Bruce, but... that might just be the actors. IDK. All I know is, I enjoy the fandom, but most of my enjoyment is from the above author's works. Which, as I think I've mentioned, I've actually talked to people in RL about. In SEPS. Although she was more of a Black Widow/Hawkeye fan. My recs are here.

Doctor Who I've been a fan of since the new series debuted, although my dislike of Amy and Rory turned me off watching it by s6. Even before I entered the fandom, I was a big 10Rose shipper, and I mainly have only read one author's works in the genre: earlgreytea68's Chaosverse, which is absolutely to die for. I discovered it about the time "Something About the Stars" was being published, which puts its discovery in early 2010, and it is just... if you are a DW or 10Rose fan at all, you've got to read this. It makes the series real and believable and perfect, and I love it better than the actual show at times. Plus, the kids. I love the kids. Brem is... I love Brem. The entire rec list is here.

Now, earlgreytea68 is such an amazing author that, when she went into Sherlock (BBC) fic, I started reading her stuff immediately, even if I'm only incidentally a John/Sherlock shipper. (She has, however, turned me into a Mycroft/Lestrade shipper, which I actually feel rather more strongly about). She writes brilliantly, and I absolutely love her work and wish that I was half the writer that she was. Then again, she tends to write whole stories and post them 1x a week, whereas I post as we go, so she has time to clean things up and such and make things that much more cohesive. I have read other authors, but hers are my fave Sherlock fic.

Mostly, though, I lump these four together because, well, I enjoy them and probably always will, but they're not major parts of my life. I like them, I read them when they update, but I don't scour the AO3 tag looking for new fic. There's not much else to say real - no love story like yesterday - but these aren't passions. They are... enjoyable pastimes.
I have the same relationship with MCU as you do; I'm a dabbler; I read fic in it on occasion, but most of my reading is scifigrl47's work. In fact, I can't remember the last time I read MCU fic. I am not in the Sherlock Holmes fandom, nor the Doctor Who one (well, I reblog gifs and text posts and stuff, but I don't read fic).
(nod) The only DW works (and Sherlock works) I've really enjoyed have been by that author. I think it's just her. She is a genius and a wonderful author.