Ten Days of Fandom: Day 5

January 31st marks my 5 year anniversary for writing fanfic, and I decided this year I wanted to do something special. I'd seen the fandom snowflake challenge going on, so it sort of gave me a leaping off point - but I decided I wanted to do a ten-day celebration of my fandoms, my fics, and and my favorites, culminating in my usually-morose anniversary post on the 31st.

So today we discuss Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis.

I am actually rewriting this one, because I felt I didn't do a good enough job the first time (I've been writing these several days in advance, sometimes several in a row). But the truth is - and I believe this with all my heart - the Stargate fandom saved my life.

I've known many of you guys for years now. Hell, I've been working on AJ for 2.5 years now, which is almost exactly as long as I've been in the SGA fandom. You know what my home life is like sometimes. You know all the hell I've gone through trying to get into the Navy, going to Basic, going through SEPS; the unbelievable awfulness of what came after. I think I can honestly say that without your love and support and your willingness to just listen and tell me you love me, I probably wouldn't be here today.

I no longer remember if I mentioned this back on day 1, but I got into fandom because I was horrendously unhappy with my RL. I was, I realize now, deeply depressed and really should have sought help for it. I got into writing fan fiction because it was either that or, in all likelihood, some more dangerous form of self-medication. Fandom has saved my life. But none more so than the Stargate fandom. 

Which I honestly entered because it was Netflix at the time, and working out for several hours a day leaves you with several hours to fill. And a show with 10 seasons and 2 spinoffs seemed like a nice way to fill time. And, honestly, I didn't particularly care for SG-1 until about S3, after which I fell so in love with it that it's frankly ridiculous, and finished the whole series in 21 days. I watched SGA after that - though that took a little longer, almost a month, largely because I think I was trying to draw it out. SGU is something I've still not been able to get through, not even for AJ research, but I did make it as far as "Earth" there and appreciate what it was trying to do.

But anyway. I got into SGA like white on rice. Admittedly, I had some issues with Rodney at first - I really didn't care for him, having only seen him from SG1 - but that was gone fairly quickly. John I fell in love with almost immediately, and I was shipping McShep before the first season ended. Hard. Like, had I not discovered it was a thing, I would have made it a thing. Because rarely have I ever seen two characters and thought I must make them get together. Oh, don't get me wrong, I've come to ship Steve/Tony for The Avengers pretty hard, and Enjorlas/Grantaire from Les Mis even harder, but those ships have taken time and multiple viewings of the material. I was shipping McShep by "The Siege, Part 1," if not "Hot Zone".

But yeah. I fell in love with the ship and started devouring fic, though, honestly, I didn't discover most of it until I'd already started working on AJ. (My whole love affair with SGA is actually one of the first my lj covers from the start, if you go back far enough on my fandom: sga tag, or click on about 1 May 2011 in my archives.) And I literally started working on "Pastor" about a month after I finished the series, expecting it to only be a oneshot (how naive I was then) that nobody would read because I was a new author in an old fandom.


But anyway, I've met so many of you through SGA and AJ, and you've stuck by me through so much. I can no longer who I met first, or how exactly we all started talking, but that doesn't make me any less grateful for any of you. You know what you've done for me. You've stood beside me.

Though, before I go, I'd just like to highlight some of my favorite non-AJ works. Because they do exist:

There's "Life You Love" (lj | AO3), which is honestly my favorite story I've ever written. I've no idea where it came from, because I got the idea for the first line - "Death," says the old woman, flicking ash off the end of her cigarette, "is transformation." - one morning and had a fic for it written by that afternoon. The summary is, In which John is haunted by the ghost of his grandmother, but it's so much more than that. I jokingly call it my love letter to my muse. But I adore it, and it's my favorite one of my own to reread. Plus, Star Wars homage at the end, which is so geeky and perfectly them you can't deny it.

Then there's "Steal In" (lj | AO3), which is a recent favorite. The official summary is, Then he meets Doctor M. Rodney McKay and he falls in love instantly, as this is a "The Road Not Taken" story, but it's so much more than that. This is me, quite literally, bagging groceries at lane 2 one afternoon, hearing the customer talk about his marriage with the cashier, whom he knew, and being so inspired I stole control of self checkout so that I could write the first half of what would become this story on the back of 3 feet of receipt paper. I've almost never been so inspired, and the story just flows, and is the perfect amount (I think) of sweet and angst. And I adore it.

And lastly is the Blue Skies 'verse, which I swear to god I will finish one day. The sequel is in my head, just not on paper, and maybe when I get to a stopping point with AJ it will happen. Maybe. But it is my coffee shop!AU, which every fandom needs and SGA didn't have enough of, because every fic I found had John as the coffee shop dude, not Rodney, which I thought was a terrible tragedy, because... why not? Granted, I know nothing about coffee, and it's remarkably hard to learn about online, and at one point it started out life as my SGA Santa for squidgiepdx that year... But it has a place in my heart and will be finished. One day.
This is the first time I've read "Blue Skies" - thanks for the nice treat!
I absolutely love and adore both 'Life You Love' and 'Steal In'! You see, I have read your work, and I knew you were an excellent writer! Both ideas are brilliant, and the stories are beautiful, and reading them makes me feel good, and happy, and hopeful. The have caught my heart.

The reason AJ is still on my to read list, is that when I start reading, I don't want to stop, and it's been hard finding time and mental space enough for such a long, and without a doubt emotional story. (plus I have a hard time starting stories I know are not finished. I want to know that when I reach that happy ending (yes, it will be, right?) the author won't rob me of it later...)

And I hear you about this fandom, it has saved me and changed me for the better, in more ways than one *hugs*
I know what you mean. AJ will end happily. Eventually. I'm just nowhere at that point yet. I'm glad you enjoyed the others though.

"I didn't particularly care for SG-1 until about S3"

That's kind of funny, same with me and then I couldn't get enough of it.
I think my favorite bit is when you write about how hard you ship John/Rodney :D It's nice to know others feel the same way I do.

Blue Skies is so good. My friend is obsessed with coffee shop AU's and I rec'd it to her. Every now and then she asks if it's been updated :)

I love your fic, bb.
I will update it. One day. Possibly once I finish this season of AJ.

I think it's pretty obvious how much I ship them though. I mean, I don't think I could have gotten this far without being pretty far down that rabbit hole. But, as far as ships go, it is just... utterly undenyable in the way that few are. I love and adore it, and them, and... yeah.