Ten Days of Fandom: Day 4

January 31st marks my 5 year anniversary for writing fanfic, and I decided this year I wanted to do something special. I'd seen the fandom snowflake challenge going on, so it sort of gave me a leaping off point - but I decided I wanted to do a ten-day celebration of my fandoms, my fics, and and my favorites, culminating in my usually-morose anniversary post on the 31st.

So today we discuss Star Trek.

Ah, Star Trek. My relationship with this fandom has always been a bit complicated. I'm a fan of all of the series, and when I was little I swear I was the biggest TNG fan ever - I could like recite whole episodes pre-K and everything. But my real relationship with the fandom began with Star Trek: Enterprise.

For those of you not in the know, the ENT fandom is a very small, very divided place. I myself have always been a dedicated Trip/T'Pol fan, but there are those who slash Archer/Trip or ship Archer/T'Pol, and there are whole wars that dull in comparison to anything you see in the SPN - or even dS - fandoms, but are just as irritating to come across. Even inside the little bulwark of TnT shippers, there are those who, in my opinion, don't seem to genuinely like T'Pol, and who must only be fans because it is a canon ship.

Although, granted, very little of her backstory makes sense and, granted, it's highly unlikely she would ever have been allowed to become executive officer on a human ship pre-Federation, as she's not a member of their military. I get it. I acknowledge it. I just got tired of having the argument once a week.

Which isn't to say I didn't meet some lovely people in the fandom - Triaxian Silk was my first foray into forum-based fandom, even if I still think it's a horribly designed website with a terrible background and unneeded dreamweaver buttons. I did. But the drama made me eventually give it up. I did attempt to write a fic in the fandom ("The Bond" - lj or, which, like most fic in the fandom, is a "Home" fix-it. But I never did finish it, largely because I got distracted by another ST fandom...

(I will one day post my recs for ENT, I promise).

Anyway, if ENT directly came on the heels of Twilight, my unabashed love of ST:IX came right at the height of my ENT love, and eventually pulled me away from that drama.

Now, from the beginning I have been a Bones/Kirk fan. I acknowledge that Kirk/Spock can be seen to exist in TOS, but just don't see it in AOS. Bones/Kirk is my ship and I feel into it entirely unexpectedly, and through the somewhat strange route of an Inception!AU called "Tread Softly" that absolutely everyone must read (on a side note, it also got me really into The Little Prince, and, on another side note, my other AOS recs can be found here).

I wrote one one-shot, "Try," for the fandom, which I rather like, if don't often think about. It's style inspired me to write "The Dare," which was going to be a massive Academy era fic I really was excited about, but I got distracted halfway through by "Failure is Not an Option" ( or lj) that I was really, really excited about.

And when I "excited" and "distracted," I mean, that Thanksgiving my mom, brother and I went to Williamsburg, VA. It's a bit of a drive, and at some point before the VA border I got struck with the idea and wrote the entire first chappie in a notebook I had with me on the drive there and most of the second chappie in the hotel/on the drive back. It was all consuming, beautiful, and possibly the best idea I ever came up with. I do intend one day to turn the idea into an original novel, but the idea was that in the early 2030s a group of people would get so frustrated with society that, funded by a couple friendly businesses, they would seek to explore the universe themselves by covertly setting up camp on the moon. It never actually got to launch, but, god, I had plans for that story. But I made the mistake halfway thru of watching SG1 for the first time....

Anyway, I think the only thing that can be said for my ST fandom experience is how little I got from it. From the other two fandoms I'd been in previously, I'd made a whole bunch of friends and had a blast, just like with those that followed. But ST always seemed more.... detached. Like it was so large, I was unnoticed and unnoticeable within it. Which, I think, is what eventually truly drove me away. I love both shows still, but I couldn't get into the fandoms. It was less about people and the writing experience and enjoying the show and more about "how many dialects of Romulan can you speak?" and who had the most obscure ST knowledge. It had its moments, but it wasn't fun. It wasn't family.

Which brings us to day 5...