Ten Days of Fandom: Day 3

January 31st marks my 5 year anniversary for writing fanfic, and I decided this year I wanted to do something special. I'd seen the fandom snowflake challenge going on, so it sort of gave me a leaping off point - but I decided I wanted to do a ten-day celebration of my fandoms, my fics, and and my favorites, culminating in my usually-morose anniversary post on the 31st.

So today we discuss Twilight

Ten Days of Fandom: Day 3

Twilight is, always, and will remain the most random of fantoms I've ever entered. This is mostly because I hate Twilight. I loathe and despise it. As a consequence, most of my work in the fandom has been, on some level, satire.

It's just - for such a popular series, it's really quite stupid. I only read the books because I refuse to mock something without being properly educated about it, on principle. I only started reading fic for it because London - a girl I knew from STaRT - rec'd me a fic in it, which I read and... well, things snowballed from there.

The Guide Trilogy is my major work in the fandom - "The Mythical Creature's Guide to Living in the Modern World," at 47,000 words; "The Mythical Creature's Guide to Modern Warfare," at 90,000; and "The Mythical Creature's Guide to Manners and Decorum," at 82,000. These were originally posted on, the first being mostly a quick way to clear my mind before I planned to start another HP fic. But the series grew, gaining a combined total of 1,446 reviews on that website alone. It was also by far my most popular fic, with my inbox being flooded with 20 or so reviews after each chapter, on average. Which was nice - and also the time I discovered I was a review whore.

But anyway. The idea behind The Guide Trilogy was that Jake imprinting on Nessie was the stupidest thing ever, and that Leah Clearwater was a really excellent character whose background I wanted to explore. I kinda went into it having no plan, and ended up at a place where I never expected, but it was a fun ride. I made a lot of good friends that way, though sadly most have gone their own ways these days.

While the Jake/Leah was a big part of the series, I really enjoyed the sororal relationship that ended up happening between Leah and Nessie in the second fic - I certainly never saw that one coming, even though I was writing it. In fact, I adored creating all the other vampires that only get passing mention in BD, and making their universe into a real, believable place. I think I had the google map of Forks, WA saved on my desktop for months, and to this day would love to retire to the Olympic peninsula. But Leah was me for a lot of the series. My anger, my pain, my frustrations poured out in her for the fourteen or so months it took to write the series. She was... She was good for me. She was very blunt with her anger, upfront with her feelings, and let things out whereas I can be very closed.... And, anyway, these stories are in desperate need of a beta as well,  but they were a big part of my life for a time.

I also ended up writing a lot of onesies for Twilight as well - I even had a "War of the Onesies" with Luci-Marlena, whom I met through The Guide Series, which involved 10 one shots that were independently judged by other friends. She one by one point, but it was a brilliant experience. "Spark Notes" is my favorite of these - it's my own personal synopsis of the Twilight Saga - but "Fire" and "Night" have special places in my heart as well.

You can find all of them on my fanfic master post, or on or AO3. The Guide Series can specifically be found on AO3,, or lj.
I think it really speaks to how much I love your writing that I am considering going near anything Twilight-related. I hate those books so much, but you focus on a background character and you write so well....hmm. How much is Bella and Edward in it?
very little, and most of it is mocking. i mean, Nessie becomes a decent character like halfway through the second one, but its mostly about the wolves.

Please do read. I'd love your opinion.