Spring Semester

So classes started today. I was a little worried, because I'm taking 17 credit hours and nearly all of my classes meet today.

So, 8am I have Analytical Physics II, which I am very much looking forward to. I'm tentatively planning to be a physics minor, with the idea of going into computational physics once I graduate (i.e., computer modeling), so I hope it goes well. We're being taught by a grad student, since none of the professors could teach it, but he seems like a cool guy. Nevermind that after spending 17 min on the syllabus he went right into oscillations and it was like, whoa, it's way too early in the year for cosine.

9am I have my Calculus II, which is in room 314, which must be a joke that's been done to death, because no one made it today. I'm a little concerned, because this is what I feel will be my weakest class, and when I was doing the homework i kept getting completely different answers than the book. So we shall see.

Then I have a 3hr break between classes, which I spent by getting food and buying earrings on the high street, and I WAS going to get a tattoo, but the shop wasn't open at five past 11, when it should have been, and I didn't want to loiter on the high street on the off chance my dad drove by and saw what I was doing (a real worry), so I went to the library instead - and it turns out its really nice and has a coffee shop in it, and I was sure this was going to be the highlight of my day until I got a text from the Director of the Office of Sustainability on campus, asking me to drop by and fill out some paperwork, because I've been hired as their new web content specialist.

Now, I'd dropped my resume for this position way back during finals last semester, even though they were looking for a grad student, but this is technically what my associate's degree is for (web design) so I figured, why not? And then I never heard anything back, and so I assumed that I hadn't been even considered. Then last monday I get a call from the new director, who has only had the position for a week, asking me to do a phone interview, and, yeah, I guess she really liked me. I take over web management sometime this week/early next.

I'm really excited, because not only is it on campus and in my field of study, it is half the hours for twice the money. I may continue to work at Lowes Foods on the weekends, if they need me, but I may drop it entirely if they give me grief. All I know is, the site needs a lot of work and they want me for at least 2 semesters, so I am very excited. Even if the meeting did end in a fire drill, which might not have been a drill, because the office is on the bottom level of a residence hall and college students do stupid things like microwave aluminum foil.

And then I went to my 1pm class, which is my Comp Sci II - i.e., continuing Java. I am the only female in a class of 35. But at least I recognize faces, and my professor is a woman as well, so it's not as bad as it could be.

My 2pm that followed is also a Comp Sci class - technically. It's Discrete Mathematics, which is my easiest course this year, but the professor seems like he stepped right out of The Lone Gunman of X-Files spin-off fame. He literally said he did not have his cell phone number on the syllabus because he doesn't want the government tracking him. And also that he only uses gold and silver, so the government can't track him. And he doesn't have store discount cards because he doesn't want the terrorists the companies sell the info to to have it. I'm not sure how much of it was serious. But at least some of it was. Also, I'm fairly certain the guy sitting next to me was reading Naruto fan fiction on his iPad during class.

I have found my people. Sadly, many of the students look like they stepped out of The Lone Gunman as well, and I may be the only female CS majors in my year, if not the only.

Anyway, my 3-6pm physics lab isn't going on this week, so I got to come home early and make dinner, since dad wasn't doing it. And since dad also wasn't here, he wasn't able to partake of the delicious grass-fed, organically raised steak I purchased for celebratory dinner, that mom and I ate while watching Farscape.

In conclusion, it was a good day, apart from the WTF of my calc homework, and I shall hopefully resolve that soon. But, for my part, I have Sherlock s3e3 queuing up for later, and plan to try to write a bit first while drinking my lovely Afternoon Ceylon tea melodysparks sent me. And it shall be a good evening as well.

Seems like you're living an interesting if busy life at the moment :) Congratulations on the job! If it allows you to quit the one you don't like so much, well good for you. And I'm happy to hear you say you've found your people, in the RL in addition to the fandom :)

I feel like things are really looking up for you, and you're finally getting that chance to start moving ahead in your life, instead of being forced to stand still and wait. I'm so happy for you, and if no-one has said it already, and they should have, (including you to yourself) I am also very proud of you, and always amazed at your strength and resolve. You go girl, and show the world ^_^ *hugs*

Thank you so much bb. RL has been fairly busy (if interesting) at the moment, but that just makes me more grateful to have friends like you, who have stood by me through thick and thin. It makes everything that much more worthwhile.

We'll see how it goes today.
One day at a time! :) And you'd be there for me too, I'm just glad that at the moment things are relatively well with me, easier to be there for others ^_^