I would like to rant for a moment about the frankly bourgeois assumption that simply because I am not involved with anyone at the moment I am looking to be involved with someone in the near future.

Because, frankly, as amusing as it was at first to watch one of my coworkers try to set me up with people, it has quickly passed into the realm of leave it the fuck alone already. Because, frankly, I have almost zero interest in dating. Anyone. Male or female. I'm not opposed to the idea, I just... have very little interest in it. Though I hesitate to label myself, I wouldn't be surprised if one day I do choose to call myself asexual, if panromantic.

But it's not like I can tell my coworker any of this. She has trouble even with homosexuality, and trying to explain that, yes, I feel perfectly content as I am without feeling the need to seek out a partner of any kind proved ultimately fruitless. She is of the opinion that no one can be happy unless they are in a relationship, and that the ultimate goal in life is to be in one.

Personally, I feel more attached to many of you, whom I've only spoken with online, than I have with anyone in RL, for any reason. But again, try to explain to her that online relationships are just as fulfilling (if not more so, to me) than RL ones.

I dunno. She may have a point about the loneliness, but I'm pretty sure my depression won't magically go away if I get a boyfriend/girlfriend. All I do know is, its gotten to the point of irritation, and I really hope she drops it soon.
Dating certainly is no cure for depression, in fact, I think it might even make things worse if your potential partner doesn't know how to deal with it.

And only you know what's best for you at the moment. I hope the person stops pestering you soon -_-
unfortunately, she seems to get more adamant as time goes on. hopefully i can convince her to stop soon