Star Wars: IV & V

Do to RL issues, my Machete Star Wars movie marathon has been rescheduled for today. There was some worry early this morning, when we discovered that no one could find episodes II or III - we now believe dad threw them in the donation bin when we moved a while back, as he is wont to do with THINGS THAT ARE NOT HIS, but we have remedied this through streaming websites. We hope. We have just finished IV and V and are preparing to start II, III, and VI after a short break.

Of note, besides being generally irritated at my father, we have decided this is not a bad way to watch the movies.

  • IV is replete with the Very Naive Luke that kinda irritates me, but V is really one of the BEST MOVIES EVER MADE.

  • It is cold outside, but not the -7 predicted - it was all of 22 when I woke up this morning. Go us.

  • Head!canon how has R2-D2 as their stoner robot friend. Nothing will convince me otherwise.

  • As always, C-3PO is my spirit animal. He really, truly is.

  • Also, my brother's really not bad to watch movies with. And watching them in my cave / room is far better than trying to watch them in the house where other people exist. Particularly my father, who seems determined to find fault in me today, all because I dropped a popcorn kernel on the floor on my way to throwing them away. No, seriously, it was a VERY DARK LOOK, like I'd killed one of the cats or something. IDK what I'm supposed to have done this time beyond arranged a movie marathon with my brother. But maybe that's enough. He doesn't like to see me having fun or enjoying myself.

OH well, my brother is back from the bathroom break. Time to start the flashback sequence.