I adore Well,, really, because that's the main one I use, but still, adoration.

I love the way it says Did you mean...? when you misspell something so much more condescendingly than google ever manages, and then provides you with options that are often ten times more hilarious and wrong than anything a search engine ever suggests.

I adore its crazy, sometimes simplistic and sometimes WTF words of the day. I adore it's wonderful synonym sorting functions. I even love it's crazy orange color scheme.

I may have issues. 
I use that site a lot too, really helps out in deciding if the word I'm using is correct, both in meaning and nuance. Also a great help in finding new words, so I don't overuse the same ones over and over :) But I have to admit, it'll take time for me to even get close to getting things right like a native, your language just has sooo many words! :D
It really, really does. And it's scary how many native speakers use so many words incorrectly.