I knew the holidays were going too well.

We postponed our SW rewatch so my brother could watch a soccer game, and so decided to watch ST:ID instead, only like literally the moment we start dad comes home and he starts making all kinds of noise and walking back and forth in front of the TV and yelling at us for having the TV too loud, and eventually I give up and tell my brother to watch it by himself because I can't concentrate. And then my dad comes out of where he's hidden and basically LOOKS for a fight as I try to retreat to my room, being quite literally, "What did you just say?" and fuming like a madman. So I tell him, "People are being too loud; I can't concentrate on the movie," and he glowers as he retreats back into his office.

And it's like, if one of us did that to something he wanted to watch, he'd throw a conniption, but NOOOO. My brother and I leave two dishes in the sink while we watch a movie and we're yelled at for being lazy while he washes them as LOUDLY as possible and just makes a menace of himself. And then he PUTS AWAY all the stuff I brought out into the living room for our marathon - I bought popcorn and candy and stuff, wanting it to be a fun time - and I have to dig through the cupboards to find it because it is MINE and I PAID FOR IT and it lives in my room with the rest of my food and if he intentionally schedules dinner so I won't be home and they'll be just finishing up when I come home from work, then he doesn't get any of my food either. And it's just ridiculous NEEDLESS DRAMA and the day had been going to well before then and I'd hoped this year would be different. As stupid as that apparently was .

::fumes silently while trying to calm down enough to write::
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BB, I think your only option here is a sucker punch right in his stupid, asshole face. Seriously. If I lived closer, I'd gladly do the honours. What is it with dads now acting like spoiled 13-yr-olds?!

::hugs you::
You're asking me?? All I know is, the universe hates me and wants me to suffer.

Being passive aggressive, this has basically solidified my recent desire to get another tattoo. I just have to figure out when and where exactly I want it. I'm thinking on my right side, to mirror the LotR quote I have...
Oh, me, too. But true satisfaction really only comes with either a nice, cleansing screaming match (with accompanying threats of whatever nature) or physical violence in these cases. Truly. When someone just makes you want to hit something because you're so mad, well, is it your fault that hitting them fits the bill perfectly? No.

Seriously, though. If I lived closer, I'd come up there and just punch your dad and scream at him for a while. I think we'd enjoy it. ;)

Ooh, what is the LotR quote you have?
I have this tattooed on my left side, which is the Quenya version of "All We Have To Do Is Decide What To Do With The Time Given To Us." I want to get, "when you gaze long into the abyss / the abyss gazes also into you," on the opposite side. Which is a bit of a strange mix, I admit, but ::shrug::

I tried playing some Bioshock to get rid of my violent urges, but got fed up with dying so wrote/read some instead. Admittedly, I'm a bit worried about how this last chappie will be received, but it was still cathartic. A little, at least.

I wish I could scream sometimes, but that would invite parental investigation, so... Not an option while at home. I think he's just stressed over the Praxis stuff he's studying for. Not an excuse, I know, but it makes things more understandable. He can be not too bad when he's not too stressed.