If this is Brittany from work, please read this

I think my favorite form of social interaction is mentioning my tattoos to RL people, if only because they all seem so shocked when I admit to having them. Because I am the stereotypical unsexy high school librarian type. The look of shock on their faces is beyond recounting.

Also, Brittany and I were discussing social media today at work - mainly, the downfall of fb and the general ickiness of twitter. I mentioned I spend most my time on lj and tumblr, and she said she would try to find me on the latter. It is possible, if she follows my link on fb to here, and my link from her to tumblr, but since my username is general unguessable unless you are IN THE KNOW, I doubt it will happen.

But if you ARE Brittany from work, please kindly ignore all the slash fiction and the general Things It Would Be Better If Work People Never Knew. Largely because I think your mind might explode if you tried to think too hard on the "slash" part, bb.

And if you aren't, please know that I have scheduled my Machete viewing of Star Wars for tomorrow at whenever I wake up, so please feel free to join in.
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I have a friend at work who's into fandom. She was the one that brought it up, however, so I felt comfortable sharing my experiences :P It's nice having someone at work who is fandom aware, but she's in a fandom I'm not, so~
IDK if Brittany even knows what "fandom" is. She's also the one trying to set me up with that guy, so... ::shrugs:: she has different priorities.