My twenty year old brother showed up to Xmas morning dressed in a penguin onesie.

Granted, I knew about the onesie beforehand, but the reality of it was beyond imagining, and my parents reactions were priceless. It has now been decreed in my family that all future xmas mornings must take place wearing adult cosplay onesies from China. My brother is already preparing his selection for next year.

All in all, though, it was a good Xmas - everyone liked their gifts, though it remains to be seen if this years gift of zip ties and duct tape to dad proves better than last years gift of bungie cords. Got a nice laptop bag and a sweatshirt from the parents, and some earrings.

But most importantly THANK YOU TO popkin16 AND melodysparks for the book and teacup/pot respectively. They were wonderful and you get so many X's and O's its ridiculous. I hope you like what I got you both.

Merry Christmas everybody.
I am so glad you liked you teacup/pot l hoped the other parcel would have arrived before now too.

Thank you yor my bracelet l love it
::shakes head:: just the teapot bb, but the mail never came yesterday, so it might be at the post office.

I'm glad! It seemed a perfectly nerdy gift.
The clasp is great. Its surprisingly heavy but thats going to be the stone and they are a beautiful colour
I'm so glad you like your gift :) Thank you for the gift you sent me! It's lovely ♥

Your family has interesting Christmas traditions.