Good news: I survived the visit from the big bosses. Bad news: I definitely managed to come down with a cold sometime between leaving for work yesterday and getting to work yesterday, so it's been fuuuun here. And I have to go into work today, because I'm not sick enough to justify staying home, even though I feel terrible. At least this sunday, for whatever reason, my boss has our minion working really early and me coming in a little later, so I got to sleep in.

In other news, my John/Sherlock feels petered out ever before I reached the end of the fic I was reading, as they usually do. I enjoy that show and the ship, but never to the point where I can read more than one fic at a time about it. Even if it is by one of my favorite DW authors, earlgreytea68. My Enjorlas/Grantaire feelings continue to grow, however, which is absurd because I haven't had the time so far this break to sit down and read the actual book, I'm just basing all this on the movie and tics, and it's absurd and... yeah. I've issues.

Also, I think I've gotten through the worst of the tears for the next chappie (2399 words; I swear, I spent the first week writing and rewriting this chappie, and then the time since bawling my eyes out as I write) and am on to the wonderful agony that is.... well, you'll have to wait and see. But It should be out before too much longer. I hope.